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Practicum Opportunities

KIN 393 - Practicum in Kinesiology I

KIN 493 - Practicum in Kinesiology II

EXSC 496 - Practicum in Exercise Science

SPTM 302 - Practicum in Recreational Sports

SPTM 302 - Practicum in Intercollegiate Athletics

Welcome to the Kinesiology and Sport Practicum Website. The Practicum provides students with valuable supervised practical experience for a specified period of time. It will take years of experience and plenty of networking to obtain your "Dream Job", and it all begins with your first practicum. Success is most likely to occur when preparation meets opportunity. It is not enough just to be in the right place at the right time, but it is also important to be prepared. Your Practicum is your opportunity to prepare for the future.

Below you will find a copy of the syllabi according to the semester you plan on taking the practicum and resources that will be needed to complete the practicum. You will also find potential jobs and site that may be of interest to you. If you have a potential practicum that is not on the list please do not hesitate to contact at 812-465-1265. Good luck and make the most of your experience!

KIN 393 Syllabi/Resources              

Fall 2016          Spring 2016          Summer 2016             Resources

KIN 493 Syllabi/Resources

Fall 2016          Spring 2016          Summer 2016             Resources

EXSC 496 Syllabi-Resources     

Fall 2016          Spring 2016          Summer 2016             Resources

SPTM 302 Syllabi/Resources

Fall 2016          Spring 2016          Summer 2016             Resources

SPTM 303 Syllabi/Resources

Fall 2016          Spring 2016          Summer 2016             Resources



Practicum Resource Opportunities

Commercial Fitness/Wellness

Corporate Fitness/Wellness

Physical Therapy/Athletic Training

Youth Fitness

Campus Recreation

Strength and Conditioning

Clinical Settings

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