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Advising Information

Students are advised throughout their tenure at the University by full-time mathematics faculty who are available during the academic year to discuss goals, career alternatives, and progress. Close collaboration between the student and the advisor contributes markedly to success.

If you are a first-year student, transfer student preparing to be admitted to your major, or a Pott College student seeking academic and career advising, our Student Advising and Resource Center is available to help.

The faculty list below is for students who are eligible to bypass the Advising Center or are already settled into their major coursework. If you are not sure of your advising status you can check with either the Mathematics Department or theĀ Pott College Student Advising and Resource Center.

John Donnelly
Dr. John Donnelly
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Contact: 812-464-1710
Science Center 3277
Adrian Gentle
Dr. Adrian Gentle
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Contact: 812-461-5371
Science Center 3265
Sangwoo Heo
Dr. Sangwoo Heo
Professor of Mathematics
Contact: 812-465-7084
Science Center 3279
Rick Hudson
Dr. Rick Hudson
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Chair of Mathematics Department
Contact: 812-465-1241
Science Center 3273
Kyong-Hee Melody Lee
Dr. Kyong-Hee Melody Lee
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Contact: 812-465-1273
Science Center 3263
Doris Mohr
Dr. Doris Mohr
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Coordinator of Mathematics Outreach
Contact: 812-464-1769
Science Center 3269
Edward Rehkopf
Dr. Edward Rehkopf
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Associate Chair of Mathematics Department
Contact: 812-461-5439
Science Center 3267
Kathy Rodgers
Dr. Kathy Rodgers
Professor Emerita of Mathematics
Adjunct - Science, Engineering, and Education
Contact: 812-465-1689
Science Center
Yalcin Sarol
Dr. Yalcin Sarol
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Contact: 812-464-1714
Science Center 3281
William Wilding
Dr. William Wilding
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Contact: 812-465-1021
Science Center 3285

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