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Coding Games

Does your child have an interest in coding? Are they an experienced coder that is looking to further develop their skills? Did they recently hear about coding for the first time and want to learn more? Check out these free coding programs and activities that are available to you! 

Made With Code 

Made with Code is the perfect introduction to coding! Not only do the activities walk you through every single step in the coding process, but there are also videos that show different careers in STEM and other interactive modules that are perfect for the beginner coder!


Tynker is another great option for students that have a range of knowledge about coding. Students can choose to start at a(n) beginner, intermediate, or advanced level and then collect points by completing coding activities that will unlock future activities. Just click “PLAY” at the top of the screen to get started!

Code Monster

Code Monster is a very basic, fundamental coding activity using JavaScript! This activity teaches young coders how to understand and manipulate objects through text-based coding. This activity is for beginner coders or those with minimal experience in text-based coding.


Codemoji walks students through a variety of text-based coding platforms including HTML, JavaScript, and more! From beginner to expert, students can develop their skills as coders, web programmers, and game developers and then make their skills come to life in the Playground and Workshop areas!

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