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STEM Equipment Listing

Below is a listing of the equipment available through the SwISTEM Equipment Lending Service. Equipment is available on a first-come-first-served basis. One week notice is required for all check-outs. Deliveries in the USI service region are made on each Tuesday. In the Crane service region, equipment must be retrieved at the WestGate Academy. Please see the procedures page for more information. (printable list)

New equipment for the 2016-17 school year is noted with an asterisk (*).

Links may not direct you to the exact item available in stock.  These links are for general reference only. 


Vernier Interfaces, Probes, and Lab Manuals

Vernier LabQuest Handheld Interfaces

Vernier LabQuest 2 Handheld Interfaces

Vernier LabQuest Charging Stations

Vernier LabQuest Probes

Stainless Thermometers
Surface Thermometers
Light Sensors
Voltage Probes
Motion Detectors
pH Sensors
Conductivity Probes
Magnetic Field Sensors
Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitors
Gas Pressure Sensors
Dual-Range Force Sensors
Oxygen Reduction Potential Sensors
Tris Compatible Flat pH Sensors
Spectrovis Plus Spectrophotometer*

Gas Pressure Sensors
CO2 Gas Sensors
O2 Gas Sensors
Blood Pressure Sensors
Biochamber 250s
Biochamber 2000s
Current Probes
Low-G Accelerometers
GPS Sensors
Relative Humidity Sensors
Soil Moisture Sensors
Force Plates
Watts Up Pros
Respiration Monitor Belts
Wireless Dynamics Sensor Systems
Bluetooth USB Adapters
Data Vests
Vernier Dynamics Systems with Long Tracks
Bumper and Launcher Kits
Circuit Boards
Differential Voltage Probes
Photogate Timers
Davis Weather Stations
Vernier Optics Systems

Vernier Laboratory Manuals

Anatomical Models (courtesy of SwI-AHEC)

  • Skin Model (70x Life Size)
  • The Animal Cell
  • Giant Heart
  • Human Respiratory System (Natural Size)
  • Lung Model with Heart, Larynx, and Diaphragm 

Microscopes and Microslide Viewers

ProScope HR Digital Microscope Kits (2)

Dissecting Microscopes

Compound Microscopes

Beginner's Biology Slide Set (Note: Contains 50 slides such as Onion Mitosis, typical plant cell, hydra, and mammal skeletal muscle).  All sets are identical.

Plants and Animals Elementary Microscope Slide Sets (Note: All of the following slides are included in each set.)

Mammal Cardiac Muscle
Mammal Ovary
Fruit Fly
Privet Leaf
Female Pine Cone
Fern Gametophyte
Lily Flower Bud
Buttercup Root
Human Blood Smear
Nerve Masson
Fern Sporangia

Microslide Viewers

Microslide Viewer Activity Sets

Animal Mitosis
Plant Mitosis
Harmful Bacteria
Harmful and Helpful Bacteria
Life in a Pond
The Virus
Cell Structure

Nerve and muscle
Skeletal System
Human Blood
Cells of Plants and Animals
Egg to Tadpole to Frog
Roots of a Flowering Plant
Stem of a Flowering Plant
Leaf of a Flowering Plant
Flower of a Flowering Plant
Rocks and Rock Forming Minerals
Minerals and Crystal Systems

Science Models and Manipulatives

Human Skeleton Models

Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Sets

General Chemistry Model Sets

Magnetic Water Molecule Kits

4D Animal Cell Models

4D Plant Cell Models

Physical Science/Engineering Tools

Archimedes Balances*

Density Sphere Experiment Kit*

Electrostatic Generators 

Electrostatics Kit (accessory kit for electrostatic generators)

Mini-Launcher Kits 

String Vibrators 

Sine Wave Generators 

Compact Loud Speakers (accessory for string vibrators) 

Basic Optics Kits 

Beginner Electricity Kits 

Castle Electric Kits 

Hand Operated Generators

Nuclear Lab Stations 

Hooked Mass Sets

Digital Multimeter

K-Nex Bridge Building Kits

Snap Circuits Extreme

Snap Circuits Mini Kits - Class Pack

Energy Sticks - Steve Spangler Science

R-Spec Explorer

Simple Machines Model Sets


Chemistry, Electrophoresis, and General Laboratory Tools

Stirring Hot Plates
Water Baths
Horizontal Electrophoresis Gel Boxes
  • .5 - 10 microliters
  • 5 - 50 microliters
  • 20 - 200 microliters
  • 100 - 1000 microliters
Light Boxes (electrophoresis accessory)
Visible Spectrometers
Ultraviolet Spectrometers
Spec 20's
Gas Chromatographs-Gasless
pH Meters
Analytical Balances
Ohaus Digital Balances
Erlenmeyer Flasks
Graduated Cylinders
Hot Hand Protectors
Ring Stands
Burette Clamps
3-Finger Utility Clamps
24-well plates
Test Tube Holders
Test Tube Racks
Safety Goggles
Ohaus Triple Beam Balances
Precision School Balances with Weights(Elementary)


Earth Science Tools

Rock/Mineral Sets

40 numbered samples, 1" x 2"40 matching testing chips, 1/2"

  • Rock-Forming: calcite, garnet, hornblende, microcline, milky quartz, muscovite, plagioclase feldspar, quartz (rock crystal)
  • Metallic Ore: bauxite, chalcopyrite, galena, hematite, limonite, magnetite, sphalerite
  • Industrial: graphite, gypsum, halite, pyrite, talc
  • Igneous: basalt, gabbro, granite, obsidian, rhyolite, syenite
  • Sedimentary: argillaceous sandstone, bituminous coal, chert, conglomerate, dolomitic limestone, gravel, red sandstone, shale, shell limestone
  • Metamorphic: gneiss, marble, quartzite, schist, slate

Alnico Bar Magnets

Magnetite Samples

Clamp Lamps & 150W Bulbs

Solar System Orbiter Models


Cross-Section of Earth Models

Volcano Models

Landform Demonstration Kits

Celestron NexStar 130 SLT Series Newtonian Reflector Telescope

Coriolis Effect Investigation Kit*

Discovering Topographic Maps Kit*

Water Cycle Model Activity Set*


Mathematics Manipulatives and Tools

Super Source Pattern Blocks with curriculum
Super Source Base 10 Blocks with curriculum 
Super Source Cuisenaire Rods with curriculum
Super Source Color Tiles with curriculum
Super Source Snap Cubes with curriculum
Super Source Tangrams with curriculum
Super Source Geoboards with curriculum
Algeblocks Class Sets
Transparent Counters
Color Cubes
Deluxe Rainbow Fraction Circles
Deluxe Rainbow Fraction Squares
Geared Mini Clocks and Large Teacher Clock
Algebra Tiles
Playing Card Kits
Dominoes Classroom Basics Kits
Dot Dice and Spinners Classroom Basics Kits
Coordinate Grid Write & Wipes
Two-Color Counters Classroom Basics Kit
Circle Master Compasses
Safety Compasses
Giant Geometry Chalk/Dry Erase Tool Sets
Safety Protractors
Gallon Sets
Liter Volume Sets
Liter Volume Cubes
Volume Kits
Metric Graduated Beakers
Polydron Kits
Folding Geometric Shapes
Altitude Sets
ManipuLite Geometric Solids
Hands-On-Equations Math Labs
MIRA Class Packs & Activity Books
“Reflect It” Hinged Mirror & Activities
Patty Paper Geometry Sets
Math in Motion Origami Kits
Desktop Sorting Circles
Attribute Block Classroom Sets
Math Pentathlon Game Sets (K-1)
Math Pentathlon Game Sets (2-3)
TI-73 Explorer Graphing Calculators
TI-30XS Calculators
TI-Nspire Calculators 
TI-Nspire View Screen (1) 



Digital Cameras

Leaf Presses

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