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This page is devoted to keeping everyone informed of changes and updates to the registration system.  Please report issues that you are having during the registration process using the following link.  As issues are resolved, the fair director will post remedies to this page for everyone's reference.  

TSEF Registration Problem Reporting Form


January 10, 2014-- Per SEFI Executive Director, Glen Cook

The upload forms option for Senior Division paperwork is now enabled on the website.  Students are still required to enter all of the required information into the registration system even if they used paper forms. 


October 10, 2013-- Any Senior Division projects requiring prior approval with signed paper forms at this point and until further notice will use the following protocol until the online process is fully updated.

  • Login to the website and complete all relevant forms as required.
  • Print and send a copy of signed/dated paperwork to Glen Cook, Executive Director of SEFI, at the following address.

               c/o Glen Cook
               864 E Cambridge Dr.
               Terra Haute, IN  47802

  • Glen will log in and manually enter signature names and dates to the database for each student.


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