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Student Advisory Board

The Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education Student Advisory Board (hereinafter the “Board’) will provide support and advice on matters of interest to the College, its faculty, students, and external constituents.  The goals and activities of the Board will include but are not limited to:

  • Assessing and addressing needs of Pott College students
  • Providing an outlet for student ideas
  • Advising the Assistant Dean of issues affecting students
  • Encouraging student involvement in Pott College activities, initiatives, programs, etc.
  • Serving as ambassadors of the College
  • Assisting in creating and promoting a positive image for, and understanding of, the College and its programs

Student Advisory Board 14-15

Left to right (front row): Megan Keller, Florence Takaendesa, Melanie Barton, Sarah Wagmeister, Chelsea Hochstetler, Renaye Wahl, Madalyn Elpers,Jessica Richards

Left to right (back row): Lauren Harding, Ashley Johnson, Cindy Mauro, Jessee Swain, Miles Mann, Caleb Starr, Randy Butcher

Organization Governance

Student Advisory Bylaws Click here

Student Advisory Board Leadership Team Application Click here

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