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Research Awards

The Early Undergraduate Research Program (EURP)

The Early Undergraduate Research Program (EURP) is for those faculty interested in research and mentoring students. In the Early Undergraduate Research Program, STEM majors will work with faculty mentors as research assistants in ongoing research projects.  In this process the students will be using the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom to learn and produce new scientific knowledge.   With the guidance and nurturing of their faculty mentor and collaboration with the other student members of the research group, a more collegial and team-oriented approach will ensue. 

The EURP will be offered to students entering their sophomores or juniors years. The program will begin on May 12th and end on June 27, 2014. Students and faculty will meet on a weekly basis. Faculty are encouraged to apply for the EURP and will receive a $4000 stipend for completing the program.  Faculty considering the program may not be teaching during this timeframe unless it is a night class or an online class.  If you are interested please see the attached application and further information on the program. There is a maximum of 20 faculty that will be chosen for the program. The due date for the application is October 14, 2013.

In addition, please encourage your students to apply for the program as well. Students will receive a $3000 stipend, housing, food, travel expenses, and supplies. I am attaching an application for students as well. There will be a maximum of 20 students that will be chosen for the program. The due date for that application is February 7, 2014. I will also be sending an email to all eligible students next week.

Details regarding the areas of research available to students - Click Here

Eurp Faculty Areas of Interest - Click Here

To submit an application please click on this link - EURP Student Application


Victor A. and Elizabeth A. Barnett Research Award 

The Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education invite applications/proposals for the Victor H. and Elizabeth A. Barnett Research Award.  This award supports undergraduate research and will be given to a student in good standing who submits a successful research proposal in collaboration with a sponsoring faculty member.  The research is to be conducted while the student in enrolled at USI.  The award may not be given to a student who has already earned a 4-year degree.

The amount of the Barnett Award will be $1000.00.  Funds may be used for any of the items indicated for the Barnett Award, with the addition that the Barnett funds may be used either for research to be conducted at USI or another institution, or for travel to attend a scientific meeting.  A committee comprised of the College's seven department chairs will make the award selection.

Proposals (one original plus one copy) for the Barnett Award must be received in the Office of the Dean, Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education, no later than 4:30 PM on Friday October 16 of fall semester classes.  Proposal evaluation will occur shortly thereafter.

Questions about the Barnett Award Program may be address to Dr. Glenna Bower, Assistant Dean of the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education.

To apply fill out the application click on this link – see attachment

University Student Research Awards

The purpose of the Endeavor! Awards is to support the creative and research efforts of undergraduate students. All USI students from all majors are welcome.

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