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Advising Information

Students are advised throughout their tenure at the University by full-time teacher education faculty who are available during the academic year to discuss goals, career alternatives, and progress. Close collaboration between the student and the advisor contributes markedly to success.

If you are a first-year student, transfer student preparing to be admitted to your major, or a Pott College student seeking academic and career advising, our Student Advising and Resource Center is available to help.

The faculty list below is for students who are eligible to bypass the Advising Center or are already settled into their major coursework. If you are not sure of your advising status you can check with either the Teacher Education Department or the Pott College Student Advising and Resource Center.

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  • Henri Maurice
    Dr. Henri Maurice
    Associate Professor of Biology
    Science Center 1279
    Phone: 812-461-5231
Life Sciences
  • Edith Hardcastle
    Dr. Edith Hardcastle
    Associate Professor of Biology
    Science Center 1277
    Phone: 812-461-5372
Life Sciences
  • Jeffery Seyler
    Dr. Jeffery Seyler
    Professor of Chemistry
    Chair of Chemistry Department
    Science Center 2273
    Phone: 812-464-1923
  • Kent Scheller
    Dr. Kent Scheller
    Associate Professor of Physics
    Science Center 2223
    Phone: 812-464-1903
  • Kathy Rodgers
    Dr. Kathy Rodgers
    Professor Emerita of Mathematics
    Adjunct - Science, Engineering, and Education
    Science Center
    Phone: 812-465-1689
  • Gregory Valentine
    Dr. Gregory Valentine
    Professor Emeritus of Business Education
Business Education
  • Joseph Uduehi
    Dr. Joseph Uduehi
    Associate Professor of Art Education
    Arts Center 224
    Phone: 812-465-1068
Art Education
  • Kathryn Waters
    Ms. Kathryn Waters
    Professor of Art
    Arts Center 212
    Phone: 812-464-1933
Art Education
  • Tamara Hunt
    Dr. Tamara Hunt
    Professor of History
    Liberal Arts Center 3037
    Phone: 812-465-1202
Social Science
  • Silvia Rode
    Dr. Silvia Rode
    Associate Professor of German
    Chair of World Languages and Cultures
    Liberal Arts Center 3071
    Phone: 812-465-7026
Foreign Language
  • Amy Montz
    Dr. Amy Montz
    Assistant Professor of English
    Robert D. Orr Center 3041
    Phone: 812-465-7134
  • Glenna Bower
    Dr. Glenna Bower
    Professor of Kinesiology and Sport
    Chair of Kinesiology and Sport Department
    Associate Dean of the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education
    Education Center 1104
    Phone: 812-464-1709
Physical Education
  • Jennifer Mohr
    Dr. Jennifer Mohr
    Associate Professor of Education
    Education Center 3144
    Phone: 812-461-5321
Teacher Education
  • Bonnie Beach
    Dr. Bonnie Beach
    Chair of Teacher Education Department
    Associate Dean of Teacher Education
    Professor of Education
    Education Center 1103B
    Phone: 812-465-1620
Teacher Education 
  • Tony Maria
    Dr. Tony Maria
    Associate Professor of Geology
    Science Center 2214
    Phone: 812-461-5326
Earth Science 
  • Timothy Schibik
    Dr. Timothy Schibik
    Professor of Economics
    Assistant Dean of the College of Business
    Business and Engineering Center 1019
    Phone: 812-464-1880
Business Education 
  • Stephen Spencer
    Dr. Stephen Spencer
    Professor of English
    Chair of English Department
    Robert D. Orr Center 3074C
    Phone: 812-465-7063

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