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Teaching Eagles Scholarship Program FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What if I am already enrolled in a minor program in a STEM or education field?

You may still be eligible for the Teaching Eagles program if you will not graduate before the Spring 2016 semester. The program can only fund tuition payments for coursework taken between Fall 2014 and Summer 2016.

Q: Will the Teaching Eagle program provide tuition for summer courses?

Yes, the program will pay tuition for the courses listed on page 2 of this application form if taken during the summer.  

Q: Are students from states other than Indiana eligible for the Teaching Eagle program?

Yes, but Teaching Eagles are expected to seek employment in an Indiana public school after graduation.

 Q: What if I am unable to find employment in an Indiana public school after graduation? 

The expectation is that you will seek employment by applying to several public school corporations in Indiana. If you are offered a certified teaching position in Indiana, you are expected to accept employment. According to the Indiana Education Roundtable, “individuals who accept program financial support and who do not apply, do not accept employment or a contract to offer services in an eligible Indiana school corporation or charter school, or do not complete an employment contract or a contract to offer services are expected to repay the amount of financial support received from the program.” 

Q: Are individuals with a Bachelors degree eligible to apply?

Yes, the scholarship is open to “new” STEM teachers. Individuals who already hold a Bachelor’s degree may apply if they are seeking their first teaching license or if they are seeking a license in a STEM field in which they are not currently licensed.

Q: Will the Teaching Eagles provide support to take the CASA multiple times?

No, the grant will only fund Teaching Eagles to take the assessment one time. If a student does not pass all of the three required sections, he/she must pay registration fees for additional attempts.

Q: What if I have other sources for tuition funding?

Students who have other scholarships or grants to support tuition costs are encouraged to apply. The Teaching Eagles program can support tuition payments not covered by other sources for specified coursework. All Teaching Eagles also will receive other benefits, such as funding for travel, CASA testing, and enhanced mentoring/networking/learning opportunities.  If you have further questions, contact the Student Financial Assistance Office at (812) 464-1767.

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