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Temporary Disability Parking Permit

The Parking Department may issue temporary disability parking permits to persons with short-term physical disabilities or medical conditions restricting their mobility.  In order to obtain a Temporary Disability Parking Permit, a copy of the Practitioner’s Certification for Temporary Disability Parking form must be completed by the person’s physician or health care provider and then faxed to the Parking Office. 

For “Short-term or Temporary” disabilities, the “expected to improve by [date]” section of the form MUST be completed by the physician.  If the nature of the disability is marked on the form as “Long-term or Permanent” by the physician, the person will be issued a non-renewable 30-day Temporary Disability Parking Permit to give them time to obtain a permanent state-issued disability license plate or placard. 

Completed form must be faxed, by the office of the physician or health care provider, to the USI Parking Office between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; the fax number is 812-465-1279.

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