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Accessing Resources at USI

Volunteer USI

Volunteer USI offers access to volunteers (USI students and/or employees) who are interested in helping with a wide array of projects and issues and recruits volunteers for projects at USI.

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Career Services and Placement

The Career Services and Placement Office provide links to USI students who could become full or part-time employees or interns. Job announcements and internship requests are funneled to students and faculty.

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Division of Outreach and Engagement

USI’s Division of Outreach and Engagement complements the University’s traditional role by providing and facilitating quality educational, research, and technical services for people, groups, and organizations in Indiana and the Tri-State. These activities support and promote individual well-being, social and cultural enrichment, economic opportunity, and regional development.

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Bachelor of General Studies

The Bachelor of General Studies program offers adults with previous college, technical certificates, and other educational experiences an opportunity to customize a bachelor’s degree. USI Nearby schedules USI undergraduate and graduate courses at off-campus locations, including the National Guard Armory, Innovation Pointe in downtown Evansville, and Castle High School in Newburgh, Indiana.

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Center for Applied Research

The Center for Applied Research serves as the “front door” for businesses and organizations wishing to work with USI. The Center will scope, develop, and monitor applied research projects done by USI faculty, staff, and students, all aimed at helping local organizations excel.

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Consulting and Training Services

The Center for Human Resource Development provides consulting, assessment, training, education, and evaluation to individuals and organizations in the Tri-state.

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Continuing Education

USI offers a wide variety of opportunities for lifelong learning including noncredit courses designed to provide opportunities for personal development, as well as certificate programs and computer applications courses. Conferences can also be organized and executed through this service.

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Economic and Workforce Development

USI is actively engaged in addressing both state and regional economic development interests through programs that assist area businesses, governmental units, social agencies, and other organizations. Problem-solving, applied research, technical assistance, consulting, assessment, and internships are all offered to aid in the needs of businesses in the community.

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Professional Development Programs

Wide ranges of programs are offered to help enhance employees’ professional knowledge and skills on their current or future jobs. General leadership and management programs are offered, as well as specific courses for accounting, nursing, social work, and other professions.

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Service Learning

Service Learning courses can work on carefully scoped, discrete projects that help students learn while meeting the needs of the local community. Projects can take place in both nonprofit and for-profit settings.

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Co-Curricular Calendar

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Course List

Each semester, USI offers a variety of service learning courses for academic credit. Courses integrate community service, faculty instruction, and structured reflection.

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