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Learning Outcomes

USI has adopted five learning outcomes of Service Learning for our students:

  1. Enhanced civic and democratic engagement
    • Recognize one's civic responsibility.
    • Develop a richer sense of what it means to be in community.

  2. Enhanced capacity for difference/change making
    • Recognize that one can make a difference.
    • Envision the future and the ability to find the resources to create that future.

  3. Enhanced learning through disciplined reflection
    • More profound understanding of discipline-based knowledge/skills.
    • Ability to apply what is learned in class - increase skills and knowledge.

  4. Greater comfort/skills in working with diverse groups and environments
    • Gained largely through immersion in the local context.

  5. Enhanced sense of belonging to the USI community
    • Students gain a greater sense of belonging to the USI community.

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Co-Curricular Calendar

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Course List

Each semester, USI offers a variety of service learning courses for academic credit. Courses integrate community service, faculty instruction, and structured reflection.

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