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Service learning can greatly enrich the learning experience, while teaching civic responsibility. In a service learning course, students will learn how to meet local, regional, and global needs by assessing what can benefit each area.

Service learning is also a great thing to add to a resume.

Companies look for potential employees who have had experience with their communities. Service learning shows determination, commitment, the ability to work with others, and the fact you are aware of current issues within the community. These are all great benefits that come with service learning.

Real quotes from students who have participated in Service learning:

"Service learning has really opened my eyes to what my community needs. I have had a great time working with everyone in my community. I am proud to be someone that my community can look to for help and it really makes my day when I see a random person on the street and they tell me thank you!"

"Service learning is so much fun! I never thought that when I started to do it that I would end up having so much fun in the end. It has really helped me meet new people that have a common interest in the same things that I do."

"I really enjoy service learning courses because I am able to apply the knowledge I've learned in the classroom to help people in the community. The Service Learning Program offers a different learning experience as opposed to sitting in class and learning through lectures. Every USI student should enroll in a service learning course."

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Each semester, USI offers a variety of service learning courses for academic credit. Courses integrate community service, faculty instruction, and structured reflection.

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