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Many crimes occur in and around our homes. When you're at home, think about what you can do to make it a safer place.

  • Lock your doors and windows.  An open door is an invitation to be robbed.
  • Check the lighting. Good outdoor lights deter crime.
  • Turn the lights and TV or radio on, even if you're not home.  
  • Close the blinds/curtains to prevent those outside from seeing in. 
  • Leave a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor rather than leaving it under the doormat or over the door.
  • Do not admit strangers into your home.
  • If an unexpected person approaches your door, determine identification and/or intent before opening the door. You can even call to verify repairmen, police, and delivery persons.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Good neighbors watch out for each other.
  • Take a quick visual scan each time you return home. If anything looks out of place, call the police.

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