University of Southern Indiana

General Assembly

The General Assembly includes all of the Administrative Vice Presidents, college representatives, and members-at-large.

AVP for Academic Affairs

Chase Maurer

AVP for External Relations

Vacant (1)

AVP for Government Relations

Andrew Ramsey

AVP for Archie's Army

Bailey Anderson

AVP for Research and Development

Vacant (1)

AVP for Social and Cultural Issues

Christina Lutes

AVP for University Affairs

Vacant (1)

Romain College of Business Student Representatives

Keegan Roembke

Bradley Flittner

Grant Pemberton

Vacant (1)

College of Liberal Arts Student Representatives

Lonna Dippel

Vacant (5)

College of Nursing and Health Professions Student Representatives

Rebecca Lucas

Kimberlyn Vennekotter

Rey Gabriel Carandang

Eric Tatum

Vacant (1)

Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education Student Representatives

Katelyn Bueltel

Ethan Duncheon

Vacant (3)

Commuter Students Member at Large

Vacant (2)

Freshman Students Member at Large

Allison Stradtner

Ethan Ellinger

Trevion McFarland

DeeAnna Reed

Alicia Frederick

Laura Harford

Deilia Bradford

Graduate Students Member at Large

Vacant (2)

International Students Member at Large

Vacant (2)

University Division Students Member at Large

Vacant (2)

University Housing Students Member at Large

Vacant (2)

Veteran Students Member at Large

David Myers

Vacant (1)

Interfraternity Representative

Zachary Floyd

Panhellenic Representative

Caitlyn Williams

Constructive Member at Large

Damien Burge

Kynzie Rayls

Himani Shah

Jada Hampton

Brayden Mogensen

Zachary Boles


Constructive members are non-voting members that are an option for interested students who may not have time available to meet in General Assembly or if offices/delegations they are qualified for are already filled. Contact the or for more information on a Constructive member appointment.

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