I want a short story to first steal my breath then give back to me a little bit more than I started with. I've fallen in love with the following stories and, call me loose, but I want to fall in love with yours, too.

  • "What Feels Like the World" and "Glass Meadow" by Richard Bausch
  • "The Trouble with Being Food" by Frederick Busch
  • "Ninety Nights on Mercury" by Lee K. Abbott
  • "The Mourning Door" by Elizabeth Graver
  • "Use Me" by Elissa Schappell
  • "It's Water, It's Not Going to Kill You" by Heather Sellers
  • "Great Falls" by Richard Ford

What these stories bear in common is flesh of the heart laid bare by a character whose heart is both tender desire and muscle pulsing, pumping, pushing to live, to feel no matter the ache or bliss. But instead of blood in the chambers, the wrists, the carotid, we find the organ's gone electric; gone blue and flash-white, gone heat and charge, gone tongue in the socket.

Send me your best short story. Send me an electric heart. Make me swoon.

- Nicole Louise Reid, Fiction Editor