University of Southern Indiana
SIU Edwardsville vs Southern Indiana (Oct 08, 2004)

Southern Indiana 5, SIU Edwardsville 0
Oct 08, 2004 at Indianapolis, IN

Singles competition
1. Wilhoite, Sara (USI) vs. Yingst, Chrissy (SIUE) unfinished
2. Rees, Ashley (USI) vs. Coats, Allison (SIUE) unfinished
3. Ackerman, Reilly (USI) vs. Wohltman, Gina (SIUE) unfinished
4. Bartelt, Audra (USI) vs. Warner, Lisa (SIUE) unfinished
5. Froderman, Cassy (USI) def. Montes, Celia (SIUE) 6-1, 6-1
6. Coffman, Maggie (USI) def. Fry, Katherine (SIUE) 6-1, 6-1

Doubles competition
1. Rees, Ashley/Wilhoite, Sara (USI) def. Coats, Allison/Yingst, Chrissy (SIUE) 8-4
2. Bartelt, Audra/Coffman, Maggie (USI) def. Ferry, Katherine/Wohltman, Gina (SIUE) 8-1
3. Ackerman, Kalie/Ackerman, Reilly (USI) def. Montes, Celia/Warner, Lisa (SIUE) 8-5

Match Notes
SIU Edwardsville 4-6
Southern Indiana 9-2
First Round of the GLVC Tournament at the Indianapolis Tennis Center