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September 26, 2004

USI results from Day Two of the Aces Fall Classic

Below are the USI singles and doubles results from day two of the Acesí Fall Classic:

#1 Singles:
Sara Wilhoite (USI) def. Bryce Kristal (Southeast Missouri State), 8-6 in consolation
Rachel Janssen (Valparaiso) def. Sara Wilhoite (USI), 8-4 in consolation

#2 Singles:
Verena Baernwick (MSU) def. Ashley Rees (USI), 6-3, 6-1 to enter final
Ashley Rees (USI) def. Beth Peyton (UE), 8-3 to take third

#3 Singles:
Erica Baas (UE) def. Reilly Ackerman (USI), 8-3 in consolation

#4 Singles:
Emily Krodel (UE), def. Cassy Froderman (USI), 8-5 in consolation

#5 Singles:
Maggie Coffman (USI) def. Leah Lobnitz (MSU), 8-5 in consolation
Joana Hornestam (SIU) def. Maggie Coffman (USI), 8-1 in consolation

#6 Singles:
Jillian Becher (WKU) def. Emily Eubank (USI), 8-1 in consolation
Kalie Ackerman (USI) def. Miranda Petrea (SEMO), 8-1 in consoltion

Doubles Results
#1 Doubles:

Bryce Kristal/Drew Kristal (Southeast Missouri State) def.
†† Wilhoite/Rees (Southern Indiana), 8-2 in consolation

#2 Doubles:
Audra Bartelt/Maggie Coffman (USI)def.
Dana Underdonk/Brittney Waiz (WKU), 8-5 in consolation
Kimmy Anderson/Kolby Hoebing (SEMO) def.
Reilly Ackerman/Kalie Ackerman (USI), 8-6 in consolation

#3 Doubles:
Froderman/Casey Clausman (USI) advanced on BYE in consolation
Froderman/Casey Clausman (USI) def.
Kim Roberts/Miranda Petrea (SEMO), 8-5 in consolation

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