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The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of eligible candidates who have consented to serve if elected, to prepare ballots for the annual election, and any other special elections.

How many Representatives can Staff Council have?

The total number of representatives will be proportionately dependent upon the total number of eligible employees. Staff Council membership shall be limited to a maximum of twenty (20) representatives elected from the eligible population.

Election Process

An annual election of representatives is held during the month of May. All eligible employees may vote for candidates nominated for open seats on the Council. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be Council representatives. The newly elected representatives shall assume their duties July 1. Election shall be by secret ballot. At least one (1) candidate for each vacancy shall be submitted by the Nominating Committee. The results of the election shall be retained for two (2) years.

2017 Election


Seven (7) seats are open this year for election to Staff Council. Nominations for the open seats will open April 3, 2017 and end April 28, 2017 at 4:30pm. All nominations must be received by eligible support staff before the deadline to be accepted. Email l to nominate yourself or another support staff member. All candidates should submit a one-paragraph biography that will be included on the ballot.

Qualifications for Office

Candidates for office, and those qualified to vote, must be full-time non-exempt support staff employees who have been employed more than 90 days at the time of election (May 15, 2017). Elected representatives are required to attend the monthly Staff Council meeting as well as a monthly committee meeting. Any representative who is consistently absent, no longer support staff, or leaves the University will be removed from office.


The ballot will be emailed to all voting-eligible support staff on Monday May 8, 2017 and will be open for one week, closing on Monday May 15, 2017 at 4:30pm. The results will be announced, after being verified, by Wednesday May 17, 2017.

Term of Office

Elected representatives will serve for two-years from July 1, 2017 until June 30, 2019. Alternates will serve only one year and if they take a voting seat on the Council, they will take over the term of vacating representative. Incumbents may run for re-election but are term-limited to two consecutive terms.


The seven candidates who received the most votes will take a voting seat on the Council while all other candidates will serve as alternate members, taking a seat only if there is a vacancy during the middle of the term. Alternates are encouraged to participate in meetings but will not be able to vote.

Former Members

Members are term-limited to two consecutive terms on Staff Council. After at least one-year off the Council, a support staff member may stand again for election.

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