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Nominate a Co-Worker

Nominate A Co-Worker

What Will the Winner Receive?

  • "Traveling" Trophy for the year
  • $500 monetary award (taxes apply)
  • Article in USIToday recognizing employee as the 2017 award recipient


Who Can Be Nominated?

  • Any benefits-eligible member of the University support staff (full or part-time), who is not currently a Staff Council member
  • Length of service one year or more
  • Meets criteria below


Who Can Make a Nomination?

  • Any benefits-eligible member of the faculty, administration or support staff (full or part-time)
  • Staff Council members are not eligible to nominate


When Will the Winner Be Announced?

  • Voting by Staff Council members will be held in June 
  • The award will be presented during the University's fall Employee Recognition Luncheon


Confidentiality: Nominators are asked to keep all nominations confidential. Please do not share with nominee or other staff members. Nominators’ names will also be kept confidential and will not be provided to either current Staff Council members or the nominee.

NOMINATION FORM:  please print the attached form and submit by June 9, 2017.

For more information about the process, refer to: Guidelines.

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