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The Support Staff Performance Recognition Award began in 2007 and all benefit-eligible support staff (full and part-time) who have been employed by the University for one year are eligible to either nominate or be nominated for this annual award. Voting by Staff Council members will be held in June and the award will be presented during the University's fall Employee Recognition Luncheon.

In addition to the "traveling" trophy, there is a monetary award of $500 to the winner.

For more information about the process, refer to: Guidelines.


Who Can Be Nominated?

  • Any benefits-eligible member of the support staff (full or part-time), who is not currently a Staff Council member
  • Length of service one year or more
  • Meets criteria below


Who Can Make a Nomination?

  • Any benefits-eligible member of the support staff (full or part-time), who is not currently a Staff Council member

Confidentiality: Nominators are asked to keep all nominations confidential. Please do not share with nominee or other staff members. Nominators’ names will also be kept confidential and will not be provided to either current Staff Council members or the nominee.

 Support Staff Performance Recognition Award Nomination Form

Please print and fill-out the form below.


I nominate the following member of support staff who meets the eligibility criteria outlined above for the Support Staff Performance Recognition Award:

_______________________________________ _______________________________________
Name of Nominee Nominee's Department


Please provide a brief description (no more than one (1) typed, double-spaced page) describing why you think the person noted above deserves this recognition award. For your nominee to be considered for the award, all information requested must be completed. Include in your brief description how the nominee meets at least two (2) of the following four (4) criteria:

1. Provides superior service
2. Demonstrates excellence in the performance of job duties and responsibilities
3. Continually contributes to a positive, collaborative work environment
4. Exhibits exceptional resourcefulness, innovation or creativity


Note: To ensure confidentiality, send the completed nomination via confidential interoffice mail or hand deliver to the current Staff Council Chair, Betsy Jo Mullins in Housing and Residence Life. The nomination process is open until June 23rd, 2014. Any nominations sent via email, or received after June 23rd, will not be considered. Thank you for your nomination!


Recommended by:

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Your Name (Nominator) Your Department
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Your Email Address Your Phone Number


For more information about Staff Council or to be involved, please contact the current Staff Council Chair.

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