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Archie's Closet Food Drive

Archie's Closet Campus Wide Food Drive

The History of the Food Drive

On October 12, 1999, Staff Council sponsored the first food drive for Archie's Closet standing along University Boulevard with grocery carts to collect items as the individuals walked on campus with an roughly 500 items collected each year. Beginning in 2002, Staff Council decorated donation boxes with poster boards and magazine cuts outs of different food items and lettering to promote the food drive.

In 2012 Staff Council introduced the first Food Drive Competition with departments signing up to compete against other departments, decorating the boxes as Campbell's Soup Cans and the donation totals skyrocketed bringing in donation totals of 1,000-2,000 items.

In 2016, Staff Council introduced "The Hunger Games" competition with teams of campus departments competing and "bonus" points for the items that Archie's Closet needed the most.  During The Hunger Games, over 7,000 items were donated setting a new record for items donated and campus participation!!

How the Food Drive Works

The most important rule for the food drive is to donate items for Archie's Closet; the rest is just details.

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