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Archie's Closet Food Drive

What is Archibald Eagle's Campus Food Closet?

ArchieIt's a place where non-perishable food and personal care items may be obtained by students and employees who find themselves in financial straits or emergency situations.

Archibald Eagle's Food Closet is a service for all members of the USI community to promote the health and wellness of USI students and employees. Archie's Closet is supported by the cooperative efforts of the Recreation, Fitness, & Wellness Center and campus and community individuals and organizations. Foremost in this mission is providing assistance for those who need it, while responding to individual needs with respect and dignity. All requests for assistance are confidential.

Where is the Food Closet?

Archie's Closet is located in the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center. How do I make a donation? You can drop off anytime your non-perishable items at the main desk during RFW open hours.

How is the Food Closet accessed?

Come to the Recreation, Fitness, & Wellness Center and "Ask for Archie" at the front desk. We recommend you call first (812-461-5268) to ensure availability. Archie's Closet is not open on weekends.

Who may use the Food Closet?

University of Southern Indiana students and employees.

What does it cost to use the Food Closet?

There is no monetary fee. Individuals show a valid Eagle Access Card, complete a Food Closet card, and agree to volunteer two hours of service to an organization of the user's preference.

How does the ERC help with the Food Closet?

Archie5In 2012 Staff Council sponsored a campus-wide food drive competiton and collected over 4000 items! The winner received a Traveling Trophy and a chance to have their groups picture posted on the Staff Council's web site. The winning department, Social Work, collected over 1000 items!

Here is the list of Departments participating in the COMPETITION portion of the Food Drive and their FINAL TOTALS:

  • Department of Social Work - 1,062
  • Biology Department - 947
  • Foundation Office - 307
  • Department of Mathematics - 300Food Drive Trophy
  • Children's Learning Center - 299
  • Rice Library - 277
  • College of Nursing & Health Professions - 255
  • College of Business - 228
  • University Division - 172
  • Dean of Students, International Programs & Services, Multicultural Center, and Student Development - 67
  • Teacher Education - 58
  • Chemistry Department - 38
  • Human Resources - 35
  • Other donations - 164

FINAL TOTAL of Items Collected = 4,209

Archie's Food Closet is a service for all members of the USI community to promote the health and wellness of USI students and employees.

From January 1 through August 26th, 2013 we have had 68 total visits. There were 47 different persons who used the food closet. There were 97 bags filled.

THANK YOU! For supporting Archie's Closet!

For more information or to become involved, please contact the current Staff Council Chair.

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