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Archie's Closet Food Drive

Archie's Closet Campus Wide Food Drive

Congrats to the SILVER EAGLES NEST!

For earning 4,092 points in the campus wide food competition! 


This year we collected 6,291 items, $244, and had a total of 11,499 points across campus! Archie's Closet is truly the winner

Second place goes to the Brown Eagles Nest and third place is the Blue Eagles Nest. 

The History of the Food Drive

Since 1999 USI’s Staff Council has sponsored a food drive to support Archie’s Closet and to raise awareness of the service it provides to the USI community. Activities have ranged from lining the boulevard with shopping carts for collections to starting voluntary departmental competitions across campus. The number of donations ranged from 500-1000 items each year. In 2016, Staff Council started to offer “Double Points” for items that were most needed by Archie’s Closet for team members participating in the competition. Donations skyrocketed to nearly 7,000 items, setting a new record!

The New and Improved Campus Wide Food Drive Competition! 

New this year! As part of the USI strategic plan of Access and Opportunity by Design Staff Council has redesigned the Food Drive Competition to include the ENTIRE USI CAMPUS! 

Every building and location on campus is now part of an Eagle Nest that will compete against each other during the food drive to gain the major award of exclusive bragging rights, the traveling trophy, and certificates to proudly display in the office areas.

The Eagles' Nests:

Red Eagles' Nest

Red Eagles Logo

Liberal Arts Center
University Center
New Harmony Gallery &
Historic Centers

Brown Eagles' Nest

Brown Eagles Logo

Orr Center
USI Foundation
Housing and Residence Life

Silver Eagles' Nest

Silver Eagles Logo

Health Professions Center
Wright Administration & Forums

Gold Eagles' Nest

Gold Eagles Logo

Education Center 
Science Center 
Children's Learning Center 
Publishing Services

Green Eagles' Nest

Green Eagles Logo

Arts Center 
David L. Rice Library 
Public Safety Building 
Physical Plant Service Center

Blue Eagles' Nest

Blue Eagles Logo

Business and Engineering Center 
Applied Engineering Center 
Support Services Center 
Physical Activities Center

Food Drive Competition Rules

Beginning September 11 through 22, each Nest will collect items (“Eggs”) for Archie’s.

On the Friday’s during the drive each Nest will count the items in their donation boxes and complete the “Egg Count” form that will be provided with the donation boxes.

A Staff Council member will be by Friday afternoon’s to collect the “Eggs” and “Egg Count” for delivery to Archie’s Closet.

There are three types of Eggs a Nest can collect:
Number of Super Tasty Eggs - These are items most needed by Archie’s Closet and count as 2 points.
Number of Tasty Eggs – These items count as 1 point.
Number of Future Eggs – This is a count of monetary donations made to Archie’s Closet. Monetary donations count as double points as Archie can purchase the items most needed. If donating by check please make the check out to USI and put Archie's Closet in the memo field.

Please be aware that Archie’s Closet cannot accept perishable or expired items. Donated items that are expired will count as zero points.

The list of items most needed by Archie’s Closet will be provided to each donation box and available here. The Nest with the most points wins!

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