University of Southern Indiana

Super Summer

July 6-10 at USI, including the Middle School STEM Academy

Morning classes meet 9-11:30 a.m.; afternoon classes meet 12:30-3 p.m.. Free lunchtime supervision is available at for those enrolling in both morning and afternoon classes. Children enrolled all day and staying for lunch must be five years or older, and should bring their own non-perishable lunches and drinks.

To ensure safety for all children, parents who enroll children will receive detailed information with procedures and location of each class. Grades referred to are the grades to be entered this fall.

Registration Fee: $90 per course; $85 per course when registering the same child in more than one course or when registering two or more children at the same time. EVSC students who are eligible for the free/reduced lunch program may enroll in two courses for a reduced fee of $10 per course; reduced-fee enrollments are limited.

Enroll early, as classes fill quickly! Call 812-464-1989 or 800-467-8600 to register.


Morning Classes - 9 - 11:30 a.m.

YTH430 - Nature's Wonders - Pre-K 4's-1
YTH431 - Art Safari - grades 1-3 - FULL
YTH432 - Cooking with Picture Book Characters - grades 2-4 - FULL
YTH433 - Learn Español - grades 3-5
YTH434 - Trails and Snails - grades 4-6
YTH435 - Building Balsa Wood Bridges - grades 7-9

Afternoon Classes - 12:30 - 3 p.m.
YTH440 - What Do You See? - grades K-2
YTH441 - It's Magic! - grades 2-4 - FULL
YTH442 - Future Scientists - grades 3-5 - FULL
YTH443 - 2-D to 3-D - grades 4-6
YTH444 - It Flies! Aerodynamics & Rocketry - grades 5-7 - FULL
YTH445 - ¡Delicioso! - grades 6-8



NATURE'S WONDERS - Pre-K 4's-1                                                                     NO. YTH430

Junior naturalists will explore the world of nature in person and through various projects, helping them discover more about animals, plants and their habitats.
Instructor: Trina Virden, preschool teacher, Holy Rosary Totten Hall Preschool

ART SAFARI - grades 1-3                 FULL                                                           NO. YTH431

Students will be introduced to a variety of media as they express creativity through drawing, painting, 3-D sculptures, collage and more.
Instructor: Leilani Moore, teacher, Evansville Day School


Using Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and other food-related stories, children will integrate literature with cooking, art, science and math, learning about famous chefs adn samping their own creations along the way.
Instructor: Angie Karcher, teacher and children's author

LEARN ESPAÑOL - grades 3-5                                                                              NO. YTH433

Students will explore the Hispanic world thorugh language, food, music and culture. ¡Sí, hablo español!
Instructor: JJ Epperson, teacher, North Gibson School Corporation

TRAILS AND SNAILS - grades 4-6                                                                       NO. YTH434

The USI campus has miles of trails to explore. Bring your hiking boots and learn about flora and fauna native to southwestern Indiana and collect samples to study in the lab.
Instructor: Khrista Watson, naturalist and pre-service biology teacher

BUILDING BALSA WOOD BRIDGES - grades 7-9                                             NO. YTH435

Students will explore math, physics, architectural design, and more through the construction of a balsa wood bridge.
Instructor: Kevin Moesner, teacher, Thompkins Middle School



WHAT DO YOU SEE? - grades K-2                                                                       NO. YTH440

Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other characters from Eric Carle books will be the springboard for a variety of activities to encourage participation in art, music, math and reading readiness activities.
Instructor: Erin Kuhn, preschool teacher, Susanna Wesley Nursery School

IT'S MAGIC! - grades 2-4                        FULL                                                     NO. YTH441

Explore the scientific basis for illusions while learning to perform magic tricks, boosting self-esteem, and fooling family and friends. Activities include experiments, optical illusions, performance techniques, and the grand finale-a Magic Show starring the students!
Instructor: Angie Karcher, teacher and children's author

FUTURE SCIENTISTS - grades 3-5              FULL                                               NO. YTH442

Each day will bring a new type of science into the classroom as students explore age-appropriate physics, chemistry, and biology concepts through a variety of experiments and activities.
Instructor: Becky Osborne, teacher, Central High School

2-D TO 3-D - grades 4-6                                                                                        NO. YTH443

Students will use the elements and principles of art in an integrative way, exploring a variety of two-dimensional mediums (soft pastels, watercolor and acrylic paints) and converting them to three-dimensional projects using copper tooling, fiber art and clay.
Instructor: Leilani Moore, teacher, Evansville Day School

IT FLIES! AERODYNAMICS & ROCKETRY - grades 5-7        FULL                  NO. YTH444

What flies, what doesn't and why? By designing, constructing and launching rockets, kites, airplanes and other flying objects, students will learn science and math concepts through inquiry-based projects, as they explore the history and physics of flight.
Instructor: Kevin Moesner, teacher, Thompkins Middle School

¡DELICIOSO! - grades 6-8                                                                                     NO. YTH445

Bring your appetite as you create and sample authentic dishes from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Students will be immersed in a different culture every day while improving their culinary skills.

Instructor: JJ Epperson, teacher, North Gibson School Corporation



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