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Super Summer

Super Summer is July 6-10 at USI

Morning classes meet 9-11:30 a.m.; afternoon classes meet 12:30-3 p.m. Free lunchtime supervision is available at for those enrolling in both morning and afternoon classes. Children enrolled all day and staying for lunch must be five years or older, and should bring their own non-perishable lunches and drinks.

To ensure safety for all children, parents who enroll children will receive detailed information with procedures and location of each class. Grades referred to are the grades to be entered this fall.

Registration Fee: $90 per course; $85 per course when registering the same child in more than one course or when registering two or more children at the same time. EVSC students who are eligible for the free/reduced lunch program may enroll in two courses for a reduced fee of $10 per course; reduced-fee enrollments are limited.

Enroll early, as classes fill quickly! Call 812-464-1989 or 800-467-8600 to register.

This summer, the Middle School STEM Academy will run from July 18-22. Course descriptions are down below under the Middle School STEM Innovation Camp heading.  

Super Summer classes for Summer 2016 are currently being developed.

Here's a sampling of what was offered last summer:

Morning Classes - 9 - 11:30 a.m.

YTH430 - Nature's Wonders - Pre-K 4's-1
YTH431 - Art Safari - grades 1-3 -
YTH432 - Cooking with Picture Book Characters - grades 2-4 -
YTH433 - Learn Español - grades 3-5
YTH434 - Trails and Snails - grades 4-6
YTH435 - Building Balsa Wood Bridges - grades 7-9

Afternoon Classes - 12:30 - 3 p.m.
YTH440 - What Do You See? - grades K-2
YTH441 - It's Magic! - grades 2-4 -
YTH442 - Future Scientists - grades 3-5 -
YTH443 - 2-D to 3-D - grades 4-6
YTH444 - It Flies! Aerodynamics & Rocketry - grades 5-7 
YTH445 - ¡Delicioso! - grades 6-8

Details for Super Summer 2016 courses will be posted in late March-early April. Check back for more details and course registration information. 



The Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education and SwISTEM Resource Center are excited to continue the Middle School STEM Innovation Camp during the summer of 2016.  This camp will offer middle school students the opportunity to "Think Outside the Box" by exploring topics relevant to 21st century STEM applications in an engaging week-long day camp experience on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana.  Participants will walk away inspired to continue their pursuit of a solid STEM Education and with a more defined understanding of career possibilities involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

This year, the Middle School STEM Innovation Camp (separate from Super Summer) will have three tracks for each grade for students in grades 6-8. Course descriptions are below and registrations may be completed by clicking on the blue registration button.

H2O and You - Grade 6                                                                                   NO. 16SYTH451

Discover the amazing properties of water and our role in conserving the planet's most valuable resource with intential focus on STEM careers. Campers will learn:  

  • how important water is for human beings and all living things.
  • the basic chemistry of water.
  • that although many areas have water resources available, it does not mean the supply is unlimited.
  • that beyond the obvious need of water by living things, we depend on water for many industrial processes.
  • about the importance of fresh water, acid rain, and ways that we can improve polluted groundwater.  

Urban Infastructure - Grade 7                                                                     NO. 16SYTH452

Explore the engineering principles and design challenges that surround us in everyday life, and help plan for a better tomorrow with intentional focus on STEM careers. Campers will learn about: 

  • the basic elements and cause and effect relationships involved in urban infrastructure.
  • the relationship between urban infrastructure and earthquakes.
  • the relationship between urban infrastructure and erosion.
  • the relationship between urban infrastructure and landslides.
  • their impact on urban infrastructure.

Energy - Grade 8                                                                                              NO. 16SYTH453

Investigate how energy works and discover how small bursts of creativity can unlock huge potential for the future with intential foucs on STEM careers.  Campers will learn about:  

  • the various forms of energy and the concept that one form of energy may be transformed into another.
  • the two most prominent forms of nonrenewable energy—fossil fuels and nuclear energy, as well as a promising form of renewable energy, biomass.
  • two options for alternatives to fossil fuels; wind, and solar energy.
  • hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, and some cutting edge energy resource technologies. 
  • the challenges posed by our current use of nonrenewable energy resources, as well as some of the more promising technological solutions being developed by scientists and engineers.  


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