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Clinical Experiences for Health Professions Students in Rural and Underserved Areas
SWI-AHEC can assist health professions and medical students to find clinical experiences in rural and underserved areas.

To receive further information contact Jane Friona at 812/461-5446 or email

Job Shadowing and Mentoring Opportunities
SWI-AHEC provides job shadowing opportunities for college students. Job shadowing is the best way for a student to experience the daily activities of a health career, through this experience students are able to know if they are going to enjoy specific careers of interest. SWI-AHEC also has a access to many health professionals throughout the region who are willing to serve as mentors to students interested in specific health careers. This opportunity provides students with a professional to serve as a role model.

To receive further information contact Jane Friona at 812/461-5446 or email

National Health Service Corp
The National Health Service Corps (NHSC), founded in 1972, is a group of skilled health professionals dedicated to making access to health care a reality for everyone in America. If you are interested in serving in a medically-underserved area, the NHSC may be of interest to you. NHSC sites are located in federally designated health professional shortage areas (HPSAs). You will practice where you are needed the most - in frontier, rural or urban areas across the United States.

You may apply for scholarship or loan repayment programs for your service to the medically-underserved. For information, call Jane Friona, National Health Service Corps Ambassador at (812) 461-5446 or email You can read about “success stories” on the NHSC Web site at You may also call the toll free number, 1-800-221-9393 for more information.

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