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Academic Probation/Dismissal

Frequently Asked Questions About Academic Probation/Dismissal

Does Probation mean I may not return to school next semester?
No, it is a warning that you might be dismissed if you do not improve your GPA in the next term.

Will Academic Probation affect my registration?
A hold is placed on your registration account.  All UD students on academic probation must meet with a University Division Advisor before this hold is removed.

What will happen if I am unable to raise my cumulative GPA to the required GPA?
Failure to meet the above stated required GPA levels at the end of the probationary semester will result in Academic Dismissal.

How can I check my current academic standing?
Check your unofficial transcript on MyUSI.  Look at the last semester completed.  Your academic standing will be listed.

If I find myself on academic probation, what should I do?
Your first step should be to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.  A commitment to do better or try harder is important, but alone it will not bring success.  You need to develop a purposeful academic plan.  In University Division Advising, we like for our probation students to meet with us at least three times during the semester.

Review and evaluate the courses you are enrolled in for the next semester.  Specific actions need to be identified with regards to your current schedule.  Your advisor will help you develop an achievable and successful plan. 

Evaluate your situation and honestly answer this question…”WHY did I end up on academic probation?”  Try to determine the reasons for your grade problems so you can work on raising your GPA during the next term.  This is the only way to get off probation and avoid being dismissed.  An honest answer to the “WHY” question usually points to a problem.

Review your schedule for last term.  Perhaps you took a class beyond your capabilities and need an entry level course to improve your skills.  Was one class the problem or did you struggle your entire term?  How are your time management skills? 

Are there other resources to help me earn my way back into good standing?
Visit Academic Skills tutoring web page for learning assistance and resources.  You can receive tutoring on a number of subjects and handouts on a variety of academic study strategies such as time management and successful test-taking.  You can also meet with a certified Study Skills Tutor to go over study strategies in more depth.

Are you having difficulty balancing work, school, and other activities? How many hours are you at work? 
If possible, reduce your hours at work.  Although work may be your primary financial support for school, if it is causing you to fail courses, you only increase your financial burden.  You may consider attending school part-time.  There is financial assistance for part-time students.  Health insurance is also available through Student Health Center for USI students.  Limit your extra-curricular activities until next term.  You’re in academic trouble right now and need all your time to get your grades up.

Should I change my major?
If the course or courses that caused you problems is a course in your major, then you should give your academic goals a good look.  Doing poorly in a foundation course may be an indication that you need to explore your options.  Don’t be afraid to go to Career Counseling (OC1005) or University Division (ED1142) for assistance with this decision.   We would also recommend that you take GENS111 (Career Planning) to do some career exploration.

Should I repeat a course in which I received below a C?
Repeating a course is often the best option to improve your GPA.  Remember when repeating a course that the most recent grade will replace the first grade (regardless if it is a lower grade).  The most recent grade will be the grade of record.

How soon should I repeat a course?  I just finished it and I would like to take some time away from THAT course.
Although the idea of repeating a course you just had difficulty with may not be your favorite idea, it may be your best option.  All the material you remember from the first time should help you do better the second time.  Did you keep all your notes, handouts, quizzes, or tests?  Use them to aid with your studying as you repeat the course.

What if the course I failed is a prerequisite for a course I’m registered to take next term?
It is unwise to even consider taking the next course in a sequence when you did poorly in the prerequisite.  You will be setting yourself up for bigger problems, and two terms of poor grades may lead to dismissal.  You are able to adjust your schedule via MyUSI.  Please refer to the class schedule for dates.

How can I have failed when I dropped the course?  I quit going to class, but I still received an F.
The only way to “drop” a course is for you to use MyUSI  or go to the Registrar’s Office.  “Withdrawing” from a course is a formal procedure requiring a “Add/Drop Form” be given to the Registrar’s Office after obtaining your instructor’s and/or advisor’s signature.  Just because you stopped attending the class does NOT mean you withdrew.  You were still officially enrolled, so the F is an actual grade on your record.  And, you are still financially responsible for the course.

Can I transfer universities if I am on probation?
You can apply for admission as a transfer to another institution at any time.  However, all institutions have their own requirements and may not grant entry until your GPA improves.

How does probation affect my financial aid?
Probation may have a direct influence on your financial aid since federal regulations require that you maintain satisfactory academic progress to receive financial aid.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for a review of your situation.

How will probation affect my graduation?
To graduate from USI, you must have a minimum 2.000 cumulative GPA.  Each major has different GPA requirements. Check with your department to verify the GPA requirement.  Until you meet these requirements, you will not be allowed to graduate.

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