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Placement Testing Foreign Language

The Foreign Language Placement Test is recommended for students who studied French, German, Japanese, Latin, or Spanish in high school. Depending on the results of the test, students may enroll in a course ranging from the second to the fifth semester of language study. Achieving a grade of B or better in the course in which they are placed, earns the student credit for all preceding courses.

The first two years of a foreign language fulfill up to nine hours of core curriculum requirements, are required for some majors, and qualify students to choose a B.A. degree.

Students in Japanese or Latin should contact the Department of Foreign Languages to schedule a placement interview. Students in French, German, and Spanish who take the written test on or prior to Orientation Day and who would like to discuss their test results with a language professor are also encouraged to contact the department at 812/461-5203.

Education Center Room 1111   812/464-1743

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