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Placement Testing Reading

The University has mandatory reading placement.  Based on their SAT Critical Reading (SATR) or ACT Reading (ACTR) score and/or transfer credit, some students will be required to take an entry-level reading course. Students without information will need to take a reading placement test in Academic Skills.

Students will place into one of three reading levels:

  • University Level indicates that the student is capable of reading independently and ready to enroll in reading-intense college courses.

Student will be exempt from a reading course based certain criteria:

  • SAT Critical Reading score of at least 420
  • ACT Reading score of at least 17
  • 10+ hours of transfer credit
  • Placement test Reading Comprehension score of at least 80

A reading placement test will be given to students who do not have SAT/ACT scores or transfer credit.

Students will complete the reading courses as a sequence:

Students who begin their reading placement in GENS 099 will also need to enroll in the subsequent reading course, GENS 151, to be prepared for college-level reading. It is recommended that students enrolled in a full semester GENS 151 course also enroll in one of the following courses concurrently: History 101, 102, 111, 112; Economics 175; Sociology 121; or Biology 105.

Questions regarding reading placement can be directed to Lori Saxby, Reading Specialist, in Academic Skills at 812/464-1743 or

Education Center Room 1111   812/464-1743

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