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To upload exams for submission to Disability Resources use the Electronic Test Submission link on the right. 

Please Note: We have recently been experiencing some temporary issues with the electronic test submission. When we receive your exam electronically, you will receive an email from Michele Barnett confirming receipt.

Providing accommodations in the classroom is a collaborative process between the student, faculty and Disability Resources (DR). Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in providing an accommodation

  • The goal of accommodations is to minimize the impact of the disability, allowing the student to gain equal access.

  • An accommodation should not require a substantial change or alteration in the curriculum or to any essential element of the course. 

  • All students should be required to meet the same course objectives.

  • If a student is requesting accommodations but does not have a letter from DR please refer them to our office.

  • Unless you are advised otherwise accommodations are not retroactive and will apply only after you receive a letter from DR.

  • Please click here to read the Faculty FAQ’s on our ADA Coordinator's web page.






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