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USI High School Case and Individual Competition

USI High School Case and Individual Competition

Save the date: Next case competition is Saturday, November 17, 2018!

2017 Results

Case Competition

Three teams competed in the business case competition. They presented their findings to a panel of judges made up of USI faculty and students and accounting professionals. Teams then advanced to a finalist round.

USI Business Case Competition

The team of Tacorion Pendleton and Halle Bowman from North High School placed first.

USI Business Case Competition

Placing second is Princeton High School.

USI Business Case Competition

Princeton High School also took third place.

Individual Competition:

Scholarship to Romain College of Business

Joel Domsic from Henderson County receives $1,000 scholarship to Romain College of Business.

Scholarships to Romain College of Business

Austin Stetter from Princeton High School receives $500 scholarship to Romain College of Business.

Scholarship to Romain College of Business

Adam Robinson of Princeton High School receives $250 scholarship to Romain College of Business.

Group photo:

USI Business Case Competition

Thank you to the high school students and instructors, volunteers, and USI faculty and students for making the day a successful event!

Participant testimonials

"I had a wonderful experience at the USI 2017 case study competition. This type of experience really allows for students to face their fears, and get better at presenting  in front of crowds. The staff that was in charge was very friendly, and they made everyone feel very welcome. I got to present on topics I normally wouldn't get to at school. This allowed for me to use my accounting class in my favor. I used what I learning in accounting to back my research project, while getting the chance to learn more. They also provide us with lunch, and gave us a tour around campus while enjoying a fun activity. It was a overall great experience and I would definitely recommend this to all high school students looking to further their education in the business field." - Halle Bowman, North High School and 2017 winning team member

"I had a great time during the competition. It was very fun. It was also very easy to go through, when we had a lot of down time we had something to do during that time. I wish I could come back for another year." - Cori Pendleton, North High School and 2017 winning team member

The Romain College of Business is pleased to announce:

University of Southern Indiana Accounting Circle
2nd Annual High School Business Case Challenge
Saturday, October 14, 2017
Business and Engineering Center
University of Southern Indiana

This year’s High School Business Case Challenge will again feature both group and individual competitions and provide students the opportunity to compete for cash prizes and scholarships to USI, gain valuable experience, and network with faculty, USI students, and local business professionals.

Case Competition - USI 2017 Case and USI 2017 Case Judging Guide

  • The case competition allows teams of 2-5 students to respond to a challenging, real-world business problem.
  • In the weeks leading up to the competition, teams prepare their case solution with the help of their high school instructor and a business mentor from the USI Accounting Circle.
  • At the competition, teams present their case solution and answer questions in front of a panel of judges comprised of accounting professionals, professors, and students.
  • Finalist teams will be presented additional information and provided time to prepare and present a response.
  • Awards to the top place high school team:
    • $500 cash for the school
    • $500 cash to split among team members

Individual Competition - USI 2017 Individual Case Study Guide

  • Individual high school students with an interest in business and accounting have an opportunity to take a multiple-choice examination to test their knowledge of business skills and concepts. The examination is taken at the event.
  • Awards for highest scores:
    • 1st place - $1,000 scholarship to Romain College of Business
    • 2nd place - $500 scholarship to Romain College of Business
    • 3rd place - $250 scholarship to Romain College of Business

General Information

  • Students may enter one or both competitions.
  • Door prizes will be awarded the day of the event.
  • USI 2017 registration packet (pdf).
  • Registration deadline is September 30, 2017.

While we expect the case and individual competitions to be challenging and competitive, October 14 promises to be another enjoyable day for teachers, parents and students.  The day will begin with registration and a welcome message.  Teams will present their case solutions and compete in the individual exam.  Midday will feature lunch, a scavenger hunt on the USI campus, and a chance to interact with USI business faculty and students.  The day will conclude with an awards presentation.

Schedule for the Day*

  • 9:00 - 9:15 Registration
  • 9:15 - 9:30 Welcome
  • 9:30 - 10:30 1st Case Presentations / Individual Competition
  • 10:30 - 11:30 Individual Competition / 1st Case Presentations
  • 11:30 - 12:30 Lunch with Keynote Speaker
  • 12:30 - 1:30 Campus Scavenger Hunt
  • 1:30 - 2:00 Finalist Preparation Time / Guest Speaker
  • 2:00 - 2:45 Final presentations
  • 2:45 - 3:30 Awards Ceremony

*schedule is tentative and times may be adjusted

Things to know…

  • Members of the judging panel are being finalized. We hope to include two accounting professionals, one professor and one accounting student.
  • Presentation order will be determined the day of the event. Half of the teams will present first and then compete in the individual competition. The other half will compete in the individual competition and then present their case to the same set of judges.
  • The prepared presentation will be worth 75 points. The four teams with the most points will move to the finals.
  • Finals will include a curveball question, where students are given 30 minutes to discuss the answer and present. The curveball presentation will be worth 25 points.
  • The points from both the prepared presentation and the curveball presentation will be added together to determine the total points. The team with the most total points wins.

For further information or to register a team or individual, please send an email to

This event is sponsored by the Accounting Circle advisory board and the Romain College of Business.

2016 Results

Case Competition:

Six teams from four high schools competed in the first USI Accounting Circle's High School Case and Individual Competition. Mentors from the Accounting Circle met with the high schools and helped the students develop a solution to a real-world business problem. Teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges made up of USI faculty, business professionals, and USI students. Four teams advanced to the finalist round, where they were told of a change in the business situation. After a brief preparation time, they presented their final solutions to the judges.

Tecumseh High School won first place in the case competition

First Place: Ethan Hahn and Alex Lytle from Tecumseh High School

Gibson Southern won second place in the case competition

Second Place: Callen Ambrose, Tony Davis, and Ben Davenport of Gibson Southern.

North High School received third place in the case competition

Third Place: Ethan Warfield and Halle Bowman from North High School.

Henderson County received fourth place in the case competition

Fourth Place: Logan Cherry, Katie Bickers, and Jackson Hogg from Henderson County High School.

Individual Competition:

Shay Bridges

First Place: Shay Bridges from Henderson County receives a $1,000 scholarship to USI Romain College of Business

Second Place $500 Scholarship Winner

Second Place: Callen Ambrose from Gibson Southern receives a $500 scholarship to USI Romain College of Business

Third Place $250 Scholarship Winner

Third Place: Alex Lytle from Tecumseh receives a $250 scholarship to USI Romain College of Business

Group Photos:

Group photos

business students

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