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Health Professions Center, including IU School of Medicine-Evansville, and Mitchell Auditorium Science Center Robert D. Orr Center Liberal Arts Center, including Kleymeyer Hall, and McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries Education Center, including Couch/Renner Hall Physical Activities Center Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center David L. Rice Library Art Center Business and Engineering Center Wright Administration Building Forum Wing, including Forum Lecture Halls Fair Residence Life Center University Center West, including Carter Hall Applied Engineering Center Residence Life Service Center Residence Life: Bigger Building - O'Daniel South Safety and Security Building, Parking Department Physical Plant Residence Life: Ruston Hall Residence Life: O'Bannon Hall Residence Life: Governors Hall Residence Life: Newman Hall Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center: Restrooms Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center: Bokelman #3 School Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center: Eicher Barn Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center: Herb Garden Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center: Grimes Haus Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center: Westwood Lodge Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center: Breckinridge Cabin Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center: Amphitheatre Support Services Building Foundation Office Children's Learning Center Residence Life Community Center Grounds Center Residence Life: Wallace Building-O'Daniel South Residence Life: Noble Building-O'Daniel South Residence Life: Ray Building-O'Daniel South Residence Life: Whitcomb Building-O'Daniel South Residence Life: Hendricks Building-O'Daniel South Residence Life: Dunning Building-O'Daniel South Residence Life: Boon Building-O'Daniel South Residence Life: Jennings-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Wright Building-O'Daniel South Residence Life: Schricker Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Branigin-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Townsend Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: McNutt-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Gates Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Craig Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Bowen Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Orr Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Welsh Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Leslie Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Bayh Building-O'Daniel North Residence Life: Jackson Building-McDonald West Residence Life: McCray Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Goodrich Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Branch Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Ralston Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Durbin Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Hanly Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Saletta Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Marshall Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Baker Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Hendricks Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Williams Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Gray Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Porter Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Willard Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Hammond Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Lane Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Morton Building-McDaniel East Residence Life: Matthews Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Mount Building-McDonald East Residence Life: Chase Building-McDonald West Residence Life: Hovey Building-McDonald East Art Studio Ceramics Center Publishing Services and Copy Center University Center East Performance Center Theatre Support Center Griffin Center Fuquay Welcome Center

Campus Legend

AC Art Center
AE Applied Engineering Center
AS Art Studio
BE Business and Engineering Center
BT Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center
A. Amphitheatre
B. Bokelman #3
C. Breckinridge Cabin
D. Eicher Barn
E. Grimes Haus
F. Herb Garden
G. Restrooms
H. Westwood Lodge
CC Ceramics Center
CN Children's Learning Center
ED Education Center
FA Forum Wing, including Forum Lecture Halls FA 1, 2, and 3
FC Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center
FO USI Foundation
GC Griffin Center
GM Grounds Center
HP Health Professions Center, including IU School of Medicine-Evansville, and Mitchell Auditorium
LA Liberal Arts Center, including Kleymeyer Hall, Mallette Studio Theatre, and McCutchan Art Center
OC Robert D. Orr Center
PA Physical Activites Center (PAC)
PF Performance Center
PP Physical Plant Service Center
PUB Publishing Services Center, including Copy Center, and Photography and Multimedia
RES Fair Residence Life Center
RC Residence Life Community Center
RL David L. Rice Library
SB Security Building, including Parking Department
SS Support Services Center
TS Theatre Support Center
UC University Center West, including Carter Hall
University Center East, including Tower
WA Byron C. Wright Administration Building
FWC Fuquay Welcome Center

Residence Life Legend

RES Fair Residence Life Center
RC Residence Life Community Center
RS Residence Life Service Center
1 BG Bigger Building - O'Daniel South
2 WA Wallace Building - O'Daniel South
3 NO Noble Building - O'Daniel South
4 RY Ray Building - O'Daniel South
5 HS Hendricks Building - O'Daniel South
6 BN Boon Building - O'Daniel South
7 WH Whitcomb Building - O'Daniel South
8 DN Dunning Building - O'Daniel South
9 WR Wright Building - O'Daniel South
10 JN Jennings Building - O'Daniel South
12 SR Schricker Building - O'Daniel North
13 BR Branigin Building - O'Daniel North
14 TO Townsend Building - O'Daniel North
15 NT McNutt Building - O'Daniel North
16 LS Leslie Building - O'Daniel North
17 WE Welsh Building - O'Daniel North
18 GS Gates Building - O'Daniel North
19 CR Craig Building - O'Daniel North
20 BW Bowen Building - O'Daniel North
21 OR Orr Building - O'Daniel North
22 BY Bayh Building - O'Daniel North
23 JC Jackson Building - McDonald West
24 MC McCray Building - McDonald West
25 GO Goodrich Building - McDonald West
26 BC Branch Building - McDonald West
27 RL Ralston Building - McDonald West
28 MR Marshall Building - McDonald West
29 SA Saletta Building - McDonald West
30 HN Hanly Building - McDonald West
31 DR Durbin Building - McDonald West
32 BK Baker Building - McDonald East
33 HS Hendricks Building - McDonald East
34 WL Williams Building - McDonald East
35 GR Gray Building - McDonald East
36 PR Porter Building - McDonald East
37 WI Willard Building - McDonald East
38 HM Hammond Building - McDonald East
39 LN Lane Building - McDonald East
40 MN Morton Building - McDonald East
41 MA Matthews Building - McDonald East
42 CS Chase Building - McDonald East
43 HV Hovey Building - McDonald East
44 MO Mount Building - McDonald East
45 NE Newman Hall
46 GV Governors Hall
47 OB O'Bannon Hall
48 RS Ruston Hall

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