University of Southern Indiana

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Campus Legend Residence Life Legend
AE Applied Engineering Center RES Fair Residence Life Center
AS Art Studio RC Residence Life Community Center
BE Business and Engineering Center RS Residence Life Service Center
BT Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center 1-6 O'Daniel South - 
Bigger Building
Wallace Building
Noble Building
Ray Building
Hendricks Building
Boon Building
CC Ceramics Center
ED Education Center
FA Forum Wing, including Forum Lecture Halls FA 1, 2, and 3 7-10 O'Daniel South -
Whitcomb Building
Dunning Building
Wright Building
Jennings Building
FC Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center
FO USI Foundation 12-17 O'Daniel North -
Schricker Building
Branigin Building
Townsend Building
McNutt Building
Leslie Building
Welsh Building
HP Health Professions Center, including IU School of Medicine-Evansville, and Mitchell Auditorium
LA Liberal Arts Center, including Kleymeyer Hall, Mallette Studio Theatre, and McCutchan Art Center 18-27 O'Daniel North -
Gates Building
Craig Building
Bowen Building
Orr Building
Bayh Building

McDonald West -
Jackson Building
McCray Building
Goodrich Building
Branch Building
Ralston Building
OC Robert D. Orr Center
PA Physical Activites Center (PAC)
PF Performance Center
PP Physical Plant Service Center 28-44 McDonald West -
Marshall Building
Saletta Building
Hanly Building
Durbin Building

McDonald East -
Baker Building
Hendricks Building
Williams Building
Gray Building
Porter Building
Willard Building
Hammond Building
Lane Building
Morton Building
Matthews Building
Chase Building
Hovey Building
Mount Building
PUB Publishing Services Center, including Copy Center and Photography and Multimedia
RL David L. Rice Library
SB Security Building, including Parking Department
SS Support Services Center
AC Arts Center (formerly Technology Center)
TS Theatre Support Center 45 Newman Hall
UC University Center West, including Carter Hall
University Center East, including Tower
46 Governors Hall
WA Byron C. Wright Administration Building 47 O'Bannon Hall
GC Griffin Center


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