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The Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center is an ideal place for family gatherings, school and special events. The natural terrain of this part of the campus is filled with many of the beauties and hazards (rocky cliffs, unpaved trails and natural vegetations such as poison ivy) that are inherent in the wilderness. Adult supervision is required for children under the age of 18. Campfires are not permitted without prior permission from the USI director of Safety and Security.

Call 812/465-7080 or e-mail Special Events for rental information.

The Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center includes:


The outdoor amphitheatre, situated in the natural environment of the Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center, is available for use by students and campus visitors.

Bent Twig Trails

The Bent Twig Trails offer an ideal opportunity to tour the natural beauty of the Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center.

Bokelman #3 School

Nestled among a grove of softwood trees next to the Eicher Barn and the Paul Grimes Haus, this former one-room school house, believed to have been constructed around 1895, was moved in 1993 from its original location near the USI campus to the Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center.

Virgil C. Eicher Barn

Virgil C. Eicher Barn is typical of the many pioneer structures found in the Appalachian regions. Its two enclosed areas and covered center make it a popular picnic area regardless of the weather. It is named to honor a local naturalist who helped plan the Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center. Moved from the George Schmidt Farm on Bayou Creek Road, the barn was reassembled on campus.

Paul Grimes Log Haus

Paul Grimes Log Haus is typical of houses built by early Hoosier pioneers. The relocated Posey County house, homestead of the Clarence Kuebler family, was dismantled and reconstructed on campus in 1976 as a Bicentennial Project. It is named to honor the late Paul Grimes, USI's first Physical Plant superintendent. It is a two-story wooded structure, with two rooms upstairs, two downstairs, and a small bathroom. The house has electricity, air conditioning/heat, and plumbing. Appliances are provided in the kitchen. There is a ramp leading to the front porch.

Herb Garden

Members of the Westwood Garden Club maintain an extensive herb garden located in the Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center.

Westwood Lodge

Westwood Lodge is named to honor the Westwood Garden Club, which has overseen the development of the Bent Twig Education Center. Situated on a steep and rocky incline, the rustic building has no heat, air conditioning, or plumbing. It does have electricity.


The Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center offers restrooms for the convenience of visitors. Keys are provided at the time of facility rental.


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