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Home to the Romain College of Business and the Engineering Department, the Business and Engineering Center opened in fall 2010. The building's 122,210 square feet include 11,470 square feet of common space that encourages collaboration by allowing students to continue conversations begun in class or interact with students from other disciplines. Student spaces include the O'Daniel Atrium, the Vectren Lakeside Study Lounge and Balcony and smaller lounges on each floor.

Additional features include:

  • The Old National Bank Sales Suite and Joseph P. Coslett Sales Management Development Laboratory, which utilize one-way glass and video recording capability to give students a heightened awareness of their sales strengths and weaknesses, providing for instant feedback, focus group research, product comparisons and more.
  • The Lloyd C. Hahn Engineering Design Center, which provides students with dedicated lab space to conceptualize and prototype engineering designs.
  • The Ron and Connie Romain Board Room, which is modeled after a corporate board room to give students a professional environment for presentations and provides meeting space for advisory boards to the Romain College of Business, the Engineering Department and community groups.
  • The Kahn Dees Donovan & Kahn Decision Support and Negotiations Lab, which utilizes an equalizing decision-making process that neutralizes the impact of personalities and authority figures in a group situation.

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