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Welcome Week

 Housing Move-In Orientation

Thank you for volunteering to assist in welcoming the newest Eagles! Your time will make a difference in the lives of our students. To assist you, we have created an online volunteer orientation. Please take time to review this information.

Where do I go on Move-In Day (August 16, 2012?
Check in at your appropriate site at least 15 minutes before your start time.
    -Residence Hall Volunteers - check in at the desk of the residence hall to which you
    are assigned to work.
    -Apartment Volunteers - check in at the Housing and Residence Life Center.  

How do I find out when I'm volunteering?
You will receive an email confirmation on August 10 letting you know where (locations) and when (times) you are volunteering. If you have any questions, email Angie Hobkirk at

What should I wear?
-BE COMFORTABLE! It will most likely be warm, so shorts are appropriate.
-Official Move-in Volunteer t-shirts will be handed out to volunteers when they check-in at their assigned volunteer site. Please wear these shirts when you help move in as it will help identify you as a USI Volunteer. Student volunteers will receive their shirts when they arrive for their shifts. These shirts must be worn while volunteering, so families and students are able to easily identify you as a volunteer.
-Closed toed shoes must be worn for safety reasons.

What if I get a question?
As you are helping students, there will be no doubt be times when you are asked about move-in and housing questions. The following information will give you some basic information about typical housing questions and where to send students or parents who may need additional assistance.

Information Shared with Residents
Students received a "Move In Information" postcard by August 1. The publication has lots of great information with which we recommend you make yourself familiar. 

What's the check-in process?
Students begin at the PAC, where they receive their key and maps to the different locations.
- Signs are located throughout campus directing students to these areas of housing.
- Students arrive, unload, and move in!

Okay-what if students have a problem?
-Each area has a designated "trouble site" which is staffed by a member of the Area Coordinator/Graduate Assistant team and the Resident Assistants from that area.
        -Apartments-Trouble sites are located at the Residence Life Community Center, the Residence Life Services Building, and the Housing and Residence Life Office.
        -Residence Halls-Trouble site is the main desk of each hall (i.e. for O'Bannon Hall, students or parents would go to the front desk of O'Bannon hall).
-In addition, your move-in crew will be supervised by a "Team Captain", who can also help troubleshoot problems. You will meet that person when you check in to your move-in area.

What if the resident has a maintenance problem?
-Students and parents should report any maintenance problem to their trouble sites.
-The maintenance problem will be communicated to the central office, who will transfer it to maintenance.
-Maintenance will come and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Okay-what should I do when helping them move?
-There will be large gray bins at the Residence Halls to help transfer items to rooms.
-Here's the general process:
        -Introduce yourself and ask if you can help them move in.
        -Open doors for them.
        -Move them in.

Again-it can't be that easy!
Actually it is! However - please remember - if you choose to lift heavy objects - be careful!
        -Always lift with your legs - not your back.
        -Get help if something is TOO big.
        -Use dollies and carts whenever possible.

Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions
Students and parents have a lot of questions when they first arrive at USI. We recommend that you take a look at the Housing and Residence Life Frequently Asked Question site. For any question that you cannot answer for a student, please refer students to the trouble sites.

If you have any questions regarding Housing Move-In, contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at 468-2000 or




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