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To keep the AA&A strong on the USI campus, we have to have a strong volunteerism amongst our members. By staying involved, members enjoy the close relationships built across the campus with other USI employees that participate in the monthly activities AA&A offers.

This committee shall consist of at least two members and shall be responsible to invite guest speakers or provide entertainment for each meeting. This committee shall be responsible for purchasing (to be reimbursed from organization funds) and storage of supplies used for organization events. The Vice-President is the Program Committee Chairperson.

This committee shall handle fundraising events and other special projects of the organization.

This committee shall handle the advertising and publicity of the organization, and maintain the Administrative Assistants & Associates website. This committee shall send an email invitation informing members of meeting information.

This committee shall be responsible selecting a USI Logo gift or USI Bookstore Gift Certificate for paid members who are retiring or terminating employment after 10 years of service. Other organization contributions to recognize a retiring member will be voted upon as the situation presents itself. This committee shall be in charge of sending letters of welcome to all support staff to acquaint them with the organization and to invite them to attend a meeting as a guest. The committee shall also welcome new support staff who become employed with the University. Duties shall include keeping up-to-date rosters of organization members and prospective members. The Treasurer is a member of the Gifts and Membership Committee.

This committee shall advertise for candidates campus-wide in November and December and screen applications in January. The applicant must: 1) be a full time undergraduate student one semester prior to applying, 2) be a full-time undergraduate student when scholarship is taken, 3) maintain a 3.0 GPA, and 4) be in need of financial assistance; however, may be receiving other financial aid. The candidates are to be voted upon by paid organization members upon recommendation by the Scholarship Committee. Scholarship(s) is (are) to be awarded during the student’s particular Honors program. 

This committee shall be appointed by the President. Duties shall be to handle secret ballot voting of new officers. In the event this committee cannot offer two candidates to run for each office, it shall be allowed to offer a slate.

Photographer shall be in charge of all photography and shall keep a digital photo album of all organization events. Any expenses incurred by the Photographer shall be reimbursed by organization funds. The historian is the custodian of the organization’s past, gathering and recording the present to preserve it for the future. This committee shall maintain the organization scrapbook documenting important events in the life of its members, by adding names, dates and short descriptions to help future members to view the past. The scrapbook with the original archive information shall be stored in the Rice Library.

This committee is composed of the current organization officers. In addition to regular officer duties, this committee shall prepare an annual organization report of meetings and activities.

This committee shall be responsible for reviewing all proposed changes and preparing all motions for membership approval. In addition, this committee will monitor changes voted upon at meetings to ensure changes are incorporated into the Constitution or By-Laws.