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Vice Chair Nomination

Tricia Tieken
Tricia Tieken is a Senior Travel Buyer in Travel Procurement. Tricia has worked at USI for over nine years and regularly interacts with individuals across the campus community whether in her office, playing pickleball at the RFWC during lunch, or enjoying a walk on the Burdette Trail. USI has been a big part of Tricia’s life, as she received both her bachelor’s (2007) and master’s degrees (2013) from USI.

Currently, Tricia is serving as the Secretary/Treasurer for Admin Senate (2022-2024). In addition to her current role, Tricia has served as the Senator for District 2 and as vice-chair (2016-2017) and chair (2017-2018) of the Professional Development subcommittee.

Tricia is running for Vice Chair and believes her dedication, determination, and past committee endeavors will be of useful value for this position.


District 1 Senator Nominations

Mark Gregory
I’m a former student of USI. Graduated in 2015 and 2018 with degrees in Sport Management. I began working at USI in 2013 as a student worker at the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center. After graduating with my undergraduate degree, I transitioned to a support staff role. In the fall of 2018, I became an adjunct professor for the Kinesiology & Sport Department. In 2020, I transitioned to my current position of Assistant Programs Director of Outdoor Adventure. My goal is to create a positive atmosphere where students can experience new things and create lifelong memories during their time at USI. If given the opportunity, I believe that I will bring a unique set of experiences and the perspective of someone who has worked in numerous roles for the university.


Erin Hollinger
Erin Hollinger is currently the Coordinator of Educator Services in the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education. She works with the Teacher Education department primarily to ensure all teaching major and minor students across campus are successful in their transition through their teaching program and licensure. Erin worked in Outreach and Engagement for 9 years before moving to her current role in 2021. She served on Staff Council and recently served on the Pott College Strategic Plan committee as well. Erin looks forward to the opportunity to further serve USI through Administrative Senate as a District 1 Senator.


Kathy Oeth
Kathy Oeth is Circulation Manager for Rice Library, a position she has held since 2021. She is currently completing a partial term as a senate representative for District 1. She has over 10 years of service at USI with most time spent in the College of Liberal Arts as Senior Administrative Associate. She has university service as a representative on a past Provost search and has been a member of the Performance Evaluation Steering Committee.  Kathy was a Staff Council representative for five years, with service to the economic benefits committee in that governance group.  She has BS and MPA degrees from USI.

Says Oeth, “Shared governance is important as it promotes equity among all employee groups. I support the mission of the Administrative Senate and especially appreciate the broad focus on fostering excellence, diversity, and success for the University, its employees, and the larger community. “


District 2 Senator Nomination

Ryan Kaczmarski
My name is Ryan Kaczmarski and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science in 2012, A master’s in Sport Management in 2017, & a master’s in business administration in 2020, all from USI. My wife Ashley and I had our first child in 2022, his name is Camden, and he is now the center of our world.

I have worked at USI full-time now in the Facility Operations and Planning Department for 11 years, holding positions as a grounds crew member, the Grounds, Fleet, & Athletic Fields Supervisor, and now the Manager of Housing Facility Operations.

USI has been amazing to me as well as to my family. It has opened so many opportunities and I hope that I can return the favor and help create “positive change” for our university as well as within our community.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly all people can stand adversity, but if you want to test a person’s real character, give them power.”


District 3 Senator Nomination

Elizabeth Bowers
Hello! My name is Elizabeth Bowers and I’m the Education Coordinator for the Institutional Equity Office. I was born and raised in Indianapolis but came to USI for my bachelor’s in communication studies and am currently pursuing my Master of Communication as well. I live downtown with my partner and two dogs, and my pastimes include cooking/baking, walking my dogs around downtown, hanging out with friends, and trying new things! I’m honored to have been nominated and look forward to the opportunity to further serve my community. 


Chelsea Nall
My name is Chelsea Nall (she/her) and I serve as the ADA Coordinator here at USI. Among other things, I work to ensure that the University remains an inclusive, accessible environment for individuals of all abilities, and I have a passion for disability advocacy and education, both at work and at home. Prior to joining USI, I spent 8+ years working as an Occupational Therapist in the greater Evansville area, and on the weekends, I serve as a professional mom taxi/chaos coordinator to 6 kids. I also enjoy sewing, crossword puzzles, and solo trips to the grocery store. I am honored to be nominated to serve the University in this capacity.


District 4 Senator Nomination

Tami Jaramillo Zuniga
I am a proud alumnus of USI. I earned my MALS degree in 2012. I have worked for the university for 20 years. I started my career in Public Safety. In November 2021, I was given the opportunity to serve students in a different role and now work in the TRIO Student Support Services office where I am an academic counselor. I am currently a doctoral candidate at Bellarmine University.


Senator At-Large Nomination

Jennifer (Jenny) Garrison
I currently serve as the Associate Director of the Center for Campus Life. I’ve worked at USI for nearly 10 years. My role on campus is primarily focused on the student experience outside the classroom. I served on Administrative Senate prior to the pandemic (2018-2020). I am seeking the Senator At-Large position for this term because I feel I can best represent and advocate for my fellow administrators. I have the experience to serve and understand the importance of this governance group’s work. I feel there are areas of policy and process that the Administrative Senate can have a real impact on.