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Budget Information

Committee Chairs should submit budget requests to the Administrative Senate no later than the January meeting.  Please use the approved forms for this process.  All requests for funding will be reviewed and prioritized prior to the annual university budget hearings.

To request funding from the Administrative General Fund for projects not identified during the annual budgeting process, please use the following guidelines:

Note:  Approval is needed prior to the final planning stages.

  1. Submitting committee to compile cost estimates on project

  2. Submitting committee completes budget funds request form and forwards to Treasurer (with supporting documentation)

  3. Treasurer reviews request for completeness

  4. Treasurer shares request with Executive Committee

  5. Executive Committee approves/disapproves request

  6. Treasurer informs submitting committee of final decision

  7. Submitting committee completes planning stages of project, dependent on approval/disapproval

This process is to be used for general administrative funds (projects without an identified budget).  If the project has an established budget as determined during the budget hearing process, please notify the Treasurer once the project begins.

Copies of all expenses are to be submitted to the Treasurer for each project.

Administrative Senate Budget Request Form

Printable Instructions for the Budget Process

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