University of Southern Indiana


2020-2021 Administrative Senate



Britney Orth
Ms. Britney Orth
Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Outreach
Contact: 812-464-1862
University Center East 1230

 Past Chair

Ingrid Lindy
Ms. Ingrid Lindy
Manager of Human Resource Information Systems
Contact: 812-465-7062
Forum Wing, Administration Building 157

Vice Chair

Jacob Hansen
Mr. Jacob Hansen
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Contact: 812-465-1618
Robert D. Orr Center 1107


Brandi Hess
Mrs. Brandi Hess
Director of Web Services
Contact: 812-464-1999
Forum Wing, Administration Building 135A


 District I  (2019-2021)

Ashley Evearitt
Dr. Ashley Evearitt
Assistant Director of Counseling Center
Contact: 812-464-1867
Robert D. Orr Center 1051

 District I (2020-2022)

Maggie Carnahan
Ms. Maggie Carnahan
Assistant Director of Development, Major Gifts
Contact: 812-464-1925
USI Foundation 015

 District II (2019-2021)

Juzar Ahmed
Mr. Juzar Ahmed
Academic Services Manager
Contact: 812-465-7160
Liberal Arts Center 0116

 District II (2020-2022)

Elizabeth Damm
Ms. Elizabeth Damm
Staff Accountant
Contact: 812-464-1773
Robert D. Orr Center 0027

 District III (2019-2021)

Steven Stump
Mr. Steven Stump
Assistant Director of the Center for Applied Research
Contact: 812-228-5094
University Center East 2258

 District III (2020-2022)

Megan Doyle
Ms. Megan Doyle
Assistant Director of Special Events
Contact: 812-464-1745
University Center West 046

 District IV (2019-2021)

Angel Nelson
Mrs. Angel Nelson
Associate Registrar
Contact: 812-465-1626
Robert D. Orr Center 1084

 District IV (2020-2022)

Carissa Prince
Mrs. Carissa Prince
Academic Advisor
Contact: 812-228-5195
Education Center 3014A

 At Large (2019-2021)

Taylor Gogel
Mr. Taylor Gogel
Annual Giving Officer
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-461-5473
USI Foundation 016


 At Large (2020-2022)

William Pool
Mr. William Pool
Assistant Registrar
Adjunct - Business
Contact: 812-465-1191
Robert D. Orr Center 1083



Steven Bridges
Mr. Steven Bridges
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Contact: 812-464-1849
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 102A

Katherine Draughon
Dr. Katherine Draughon
Chief Data Officer
Associate Professor of Sociology
Contact: 812-465-1630
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104E


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