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Standing Committees 2017-18

2017-18 Administrative Senate Standing Committees

Employee Relations and Benefits

Reviews salaries and benefits and makes annual recommendations for changes; works with Human Resources regarding employee concerns and the process to address those concerns; recommends promotion and progression steps; addresses the relationship between administrators and the University as an employer; reviews, studies, and recommends Senate action regarding performance, evaluation, professional leave, and policies and procedures which affect administrators’ ability to function in their positions. 

  Chair Jeanne McAlister
  Vice Chair Teresa Grisham
    Brandi Hess
Paula Nurrenbern
Darrin Sorrells
Juls White
  Liaison Andrew Lenhardt

Professional Development

Addresses efforts to provide and encourage professional growth and development of administrators; assists in developing training for administrative staff specifically during fall and spring meeting activities; reviews, studies, and recommends Senate action regarding such matters as professional leave and continuing education.

  Chair Tricia Tieken
Vice Chair Angel Nelson
    Mary Ann Allen
  Cesar Berrios Chavarria
    Ashley Evearitt
Bill Groves

Nominations and Elections

Composed of three continuing Senators appointed by the Executive Committee and chaired by the Past Chairperson, manages and oversees the annual elections process for Senators, and for Senate officers.  In addition, the committee shall monitor the number of administrators in each Senate district to ensure adequate and equitable representation.  If it is necessary to reconfigure the composition of districts (in response to university restructuring or other changes in the number of administrators in departments) that duty also shall be carried out by the Elections Committee.

  Chair Larry Back
  Teresa Grisham
  Erica Hooker
    Jeanne McAlister
Britney Orth

Employee Outreach

Develops productive partnerships with University groups such as Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and student groups; works with HR to welcome new staff, increase awareness of Senate to the larger community.

  Chair Caylin Blockley
  Vice Chair Britney Orth
    Stephanie Diekmann
    Maggie Hurm
Ben Luttrell
Ashley Watson

Employee Events

Involves USI’s administrators in university wide events; sponsors events that recognize the service and achievements of administrators at USI.

  Chair Ashley Watson
  Vice Chair Caylin Blockley
    Sandi Davis
    Shannon Hoehn
Jake Hansen
Teresa Grisham


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