Test-Optional Information

The University of Southern Indiana has adopted a test-optional admissions policy for students applying for 2021 terms and beyond. Students applying for admission can choose at the time of application whether to submit SAT and/or ACT scores for consideration.

USI encourages students to submit test scores if they feel it will benefit their admissions decision. While test scores can be a helpful tool in predicting collegiate student success, research shows that in some cases, standardized tests do not accurately reflect academic potential. By adopting a test-optional policy, USI allows each student to determine how to showcase their academic ability.

Review the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more and help you decide how to apply for admission to USI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will USI evaluate students who choose not to submit standardized test scores?

USI will continue to consider multiple facets of a student’s academic record to determine admission including high school curriculum and grades earned in academic coursework, strength of courses taken, and performance in honors, dual credit, and AP coursework.

How does a student choose whether or not to submit test scores?

Students who feel that their test scores support their academic ability can submit them. If students have a strong GPA but do not feel that test scores reflect their capabilities, they may choose to apply without test scores. Information regarding average GPA and test scores for fall 2019 is listed below to help provide guidance

Average GPA: 3.44
Average SAT (critical reading + math): 1082
Average ACT: 22

Are there students who are still required to submit test scores?

Students who are homeschooled or attend a high school that does not provide traditional grades are required to submit test scores.

How does a student let USI know they are applying without test scores?

Students identify on their application for admission whether or not they want their test scores to be considered for admission.

Can students still be considered for merit-based scholarships without test scores?

Yes, students applying without test scores can still be considered for merit-based scholarships.

What if a student does not want their test scores considered for admission but the scores have already been sent?

If USI has received scores but the student indicates they do not want their test scores considered, scores will not factor into the admissions decision.

Will students be eligible for direct admission to specific academic programs if they apply without test scores?

Each program that offers direct admission is evaluating their admission criteria. More information will be available when the application for fall 2021 becomes available in August.


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