Parking & Transportation

All USI students are assessed a Transportation/Parking Fee each semester that funds the upkeep of campus roadways, parking lots, pedestrian sidewalks and paths, and the on-campus shuttle bus service. Campus resident parking permit cost is included in this fee; there is no additional charge for resident parking permit decals, unless multiple replacement permits are issued. Commuter students are not required to register their vehicle, but it is highly encouraged.

Bus services are another benefit of the transportation and parking fee.

USI and METS (Metropolitan Evansville Transit System) provide bus transportation on campus and to the Eagle Plaza and Schnuck's Transfer Terminal for USI students. There is no charge for students providing a valid University ID (Eagle Access Card).  

Bus Schedule  


Typically, when someone waves, it’s a greeting from someone you know. So, when METS bus driver James Putnam drives past and offers a hardy wave, people may be taken aback. “Do I know him?” But after passing him by a few times, they realize it’s a simple, friendly gesture he offers everyone. He waves because, “It’s just a heartfelt thing to do,” he said. 

Continue reading The ripple-effect of a simple wave and learn more about "James: the best bus driver to ever live". 


Undergraduate Admissions

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