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University of Southern Indiana ALMA MATER and FIGHT SONG Lyrics Competition

Rules and Information


In honor of the University of Southern Indiana Foundation’s 50th Anniversary, to be observed from February 2018 to October 2018, the University is sponsoring a music competition.

Alumni, students, and current and retired faculty and staff are invited to submit entries for an Alma Mater and Fight Song. These new songs, which will add to the history of the University, must have original words and may be one person’s work or the result of a collaborative effort.  At least one member must have the affiliation with the University of Southern Indiana as described above 

The Alma Mater is to be debuted on October 19, 2018 at the President’s Associates Dinner, and the Fight Song is to be debuted at the ribbon cutting of the Physical Activities Center arena in Fall 2018.

This is a blind competition with an esteemed panel of judges for each song. If a winner is selected, there is a $1,000 award for each lyric competition.

Items of submission must include:

  • Application with complete lyrics (one application per entry)
  • Lyrics should commemorate the University’s history, capture the spirit of the University today, and project a vision for the future that has a timeless quality
  • Lyrics and melody should be positive
  • Easy to sing
  • The copyright will belong to the University of Southern Indiana
  • Entries must be received no later than April 27, 2018 by 4:30 p.m.

Additional items for the Alma Mater

  • Two verses are required; three verses are acceptable
  • The Alma Mater should be appropriate for the University’s traditional events such as Founder’s Day and Commencement

Additional items for the Fight Song

  • One verse is required; two verses are acceptable
  • The Fight Song should be upbeat in spirit and appropriate for athletic and other campus events.

How to Enter:

  • All entries must be submitted via the online form available at
  • If you encounter issues with the online form, please contact Ben Luttrull, media relations specialist, at

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