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M. Catherine (Katie) Ehlman
Dr. M. Catherine (Katie) Ehlman
Associate Professor of Gerontology
Director, Center for Healthy Aging and Wellness
Contact: 812-461-5332
Health Professions Center 2094


Council Members

Austin Anderson
Dr. Austin Anderson
Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Sport
Contact: 812-228-5170
Physical Activities Center

Michael (Brody) Broshears
Mr. Michael (Brody) Broshears
Assistant Vice President for Academic Success
Instructor in University Division
Contact: 812-465-7097
Education Center 1142

Mark Creager
Dr. Mark Creager
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Contact: 812-461-5498
Science Center 3275

Caleb Fendrich
Mr. Caleb Fendrich
Senior Counselor, Student Financial Assistance
Contact: 812-465-7161
Robert D. Orr Center

Matthew Hanka
Dr. Matthew Hanka
Associate Professor of Political Science
Contact: 812-461-5204
Liberal Arts Center 3066

Michael Hillyard
Mr. Michael Hillyard
Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach
Contact: 812-465-1232
Physical Activities Center 203C

Brian McGuire
Dr. Brian McGuire
Professor of Accounting
Interim Dean
Contact: 812-465-1681
Business and Engineering Center 1021

Mat Santoro
Mr. Mat Santoro
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Contact: 812-464-1946
Physical Activities Center 302

Jeffrey Sickman
Mr. Jeffrey Sickman
Controller and Assistant Treasurer
Contact: 812-465-7163
Robert D. Orr Center 0029

Rashad Smith
Mr. Rashad Smith
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Contact: 812-465-7048
Robert D. Orr Center 1099

Linda Trible
Mrs. Linda Trible
Associate Registrar
Contact: 812-465-1626
Robert D. Orr Center 1084

Jessica Wood
Dr. Jessica Wood
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
Contact: 812-492-7814
Stone Family Center for Health Sciences 3045

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Mr. Jason Hartline
Student Athlete - Baseball
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Ms. Lauren E. Hambrock
Student Athlete - Women's Tennis
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Ms. Linda Willis
Varsity Club
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Ms. Eileen Weber


Alexandra Eaton
Ms. Alexandra Eaton
Senior Women's Administrator
Associate Director of Athletics/Compliance Coordinator
Adjunct - Science, Engineering, and Education
Contact: 812-464-1841
Physical Activities Center 202

Andrea Gentry
Ms. Andrea Gentry
Director of Development
Contact: 812-464-1997
USI Foundation 108

Jon Mark Hall
Mr. Jon Mark Hall
Athletic Director
Adjunct - Science, Engineering, and Education
Contact: 812-464-1846
Physical Activities Center 202


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