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Harvesting the High Plains (60 minutes)

Monday 1/13/14 at 9pm and Sunday 1/26/14 at 2pm

In 1933, as the US began to recover from the Great Depression, farmers from the panhandle of Texas to western Nebraska battled a greater foe.  The Dustbowl turned the Great Plains into a virtual desert.  Harvesting the Great Plains tells the rags-to-riches story of Ray Garvey and John Kriss, who made large-scale wheat farming a success in Kansas and Colorado.  The program portrays the rise of agriculture in the Midwest and Great Plains.


The Dust Bowl “The Great Plow Up” (120 minutes)

Monday 1/27/13 at 9pm and Sunday 2/2/13 at 2pm

In the first episode of Ken Burns's THE DUST BOWL, feel the full force of the worst manmade environmental disaster in America's history as survivors recall the terror of the dust storms, the desperation of hungry families and how they managed to find hope even as the earth and heavens seemed to turn against them.


The Dust Bowl “Reaping The Whirlwind” (120 minutes)

Monday 2/3/14 at 9pm and Sunday 2/9/14 at 2pm

In the second episode of Ken Burns's DUST BOWL, experience the gradual relief as the families of the plains seek new lives in California and government conservation efforts - and a break in the drought in 1939 - eventually stabilize the soil and bring the farms back to life, but with dangers of another Dust Bowl facing future generations.


Power For The Parkinsons (60 minutes)

Monday 2/10/14 at 9pm and Sunday 2/16/14 at 2pm

Narrated by broadcast icon Walter Cronkite, this special tells the compelling story of the making of the classic New Deal documentary film Power and the Land. In 1939, 75% of American farms were without electricity. While American towns and cities were bright with light, farm families were reading and working by the light of kerosene lanterns.  Power and the Land, which premiered in St. Clairsville, Ohio on August 31, 1940, was subsequently shown to millions of American farmers. Now some eight decades later, Power for the Parkinsons, argues that this was the film and family that helped electrify the American heartland.


Stories From the Great Depression (30 minutes)

Monday 2/17/14 at 9pm and Sunday 2/23/14 at 2pm

This WNIN production features testimonials and stories from Southern Indiana Hoosiers that grew up during the Great Depression.  Interviewed by high school and college students, this program portrays both the personal stories and memories of the Great Depression, and the insights and revelations that these stories have on our younger generation.


Our American Family: The Smiths (30 minutes)

Monday 2/17/14 at 9:30pm and Sunday 2/23/14 at 2:30pm

The first half of the 1900’s represents the last era of American life that, for most families, began largely unchanged from the generations they came before.  This special, profiles Willie and Rena Smith of Goldthwaite, Texas and their seven children.  It tells the story of a family whose patriarch dies at an early age leaving the mother to raise seven children ages 18 months to 14 years old. 

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