University of Southern Indiana

Academic Monogram Wordmark

The USI Academic Monogram Wordmark is another in a series of secondary marks for USI. 

As always, the primary identifying mark for USI is and should always be the USI Primary Academic mark. 

The preferred use of the USI Academic Monogram Wordmark is the full color version or the red/white version shown below.

Usiacad Monowdmk

Color Variations
The USI Academic Monogram Wordmark may also be used as one color version, an all black, or an all white version only when use of the preferred full color version or the red/white version is not possible. These options are shown below.

Mongramwdmklogo Color Options

Using the Logo with Backgrounds
Frequently it may be desirable to place the USI Academic Monogram Wordmark on a field of color. As shown in the examples on the below, the artwork does not include a built-in outline shape and therefore, the USI Academic Monogram Wordmark should never be used on a background color that does not provide sufficient contrast.

Mongramwdmklogo Background Options

The logo may be used on a complex background only when placed in a solid box or band of color that provides sufficient contrast to the logo as shown below.

 Mongramwdmklogo Background Block

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