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Diagonal Monogram Mark

The USI Athletics Diagonal Monogram is another of a series of secondary marks for the USI Athletics program. The preferred use of the USI Athletics Diagonal Monogram mark is the full color version or the two color version shown below.

Athletics Diagonalmono

Color Variations
The USI Athletics Diagonal Monogram mark may also be used as one color version, a black & white, or an all white version only when use of the preferred full color version or the two color version is not possible. These options are shown below.

Athletics Colorvar Diagonalmark

Using the Logo with Backgrounds
Frequently it may be desirable to place the USI Athletics Diagonal Monogram mark on a field of color. As shown in the examples below, the artwork has been created with a built-in outline shape allowing it to work clearly on many backgrounds. For this reason, it is not usually necessary to alter the marks before placing them on a color, photograph or complex background.

Exceptions: The all white version of the USI Athletics Diagonal Monogram mark should never be used on an all white, a light, or a complex background since none of these backgrounds offers sufficient contrast.

Athletics Backgrounds Diagonalmark



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