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Do I have to discard items containing the old logo?

Updated brand standards and logos were launched on April 9, 2014. Marketing and Communications and Creative and Print Services have been working with departments across campus to draw down inventory, but enough time has passed that now is the time to discard old items and ensure department letterhead, business cards, signage, office supplies, etc. meet current brand standards.

How should the USI logos/wordmarks be used and where can they be found?
The USI academic logo/wordmark visually represents the overall University brand. Two options are provided: a stacked logo/wordmark and a horizontal logo/wordmark.

Use of the athletic logo/wordmark should be reserved for use by the USI Athletics Department and USI athletic teams. Other uses require approval from Marketing and Communications.

Visit the Downloads page to access University logos/wordmarks.

Is the tagline "Knowledge for Life," part of the USI Academic Logo?
No, "Knowledge for Life" is a tagline that is an element of the USI brand, but it is not part of the academic logo. However, versions of the academic logo have been created that include the new tagline. The tagline uses capital letters K and L.

What about sub-branding for Colleges?
Wordmarks have been created for each College and can be obtained by contacting Creative and Print Services.

What should I do if I see something out of compliance with the brand?
If you see something out of compliance with the new branding guidelines, please email

How is social media affected by the brand?
Cover photos and avatars are available for use on University affiliated social media accounts.

Other questions related the USI brand on social media should be directed to USI's .

How should the USI monogram be used?
The USI monogram is an alternate, less formal mark that may be used on promotional materials and merchandise. For more information on how and when to us the USI monogram, contact Creative and Print Services.

What fonts have changed?
All University approved fonts have been updated. There are a number of fonts/typefaces which the University uses on a consistent basis. These have been selected for their clean academic look and versatility. It is recommended that departments use these options whenever possible.

The following fonts/typefaces are recommended:

Source Sans Pro
ITC Giovanni Standard – Book

Are there PowerPoint templates?
Yes. Updated PowerPoint presentation templates and other downloads are available.

How should updates be implemented to Web pages?
All global pages are automatically updated to reflect USI branding. Contact Web Services if you have additional needs or questions.

What should my email signature look like and how do I change it?
It is imperative to the USI brand that email signatures remain consistent. Therefore, we strongly recommend University employees display the correctly branded signature in their emails for consistency and professionalism. While this is not required, we strongly encourage you use the official signature. 

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