University of Southern Indiana

2002 Proceedings

Topic Authors Title
Globalization Challenges Tracy Hofer Free Trade Agreements Are Rarely Politically Viable in the Long-Run
Sudesh Mujumdar Trade Liberalization and Taxationin Oligopolistic Industries
Mashaallah Rahnama-Moghadam
Hedayeh Samavati
David A. Dilts
An Analysis of Capital Flight from East Asian Emerging Economies
Keun H. Lee
Farid Sadrieh
The Value of the Euro: Undervalued or Overvalued?
Krishnan Ramaya
Mohammed Khayum
Industry Comparison of the Propensity for Alliance Formation: An Examination of U.S. MNCs in Japan
Topic Authors Title
Human Capital Issues Paul Kochanowski Compensating a Spouse for Investment in a Partner's Human Capital
Eric R. Dodge The Returns to Educational Attainment, Local Support, and Student Performance in Central Indiana Counties
Timothy Schibik
Charles Harrington
The Outsourcing of Faculty Work in Higher Education
Topic Authors Title
Applied and Theoretical Issues in Economics and Finance Donna Neufelder
Janet Raisor
Daniel Friesner
Determinants of Perceived Pain in Physical Therapy Patients: A Case Study of a Midwestern Health Care Provider
Richard Skolnik Asset Intensity and Labor's Share of National Income
Thushan Wijesinghe The Relationship between Nominal Interest Rates and Inflation in Sri Lanka
Soku Byoun
Yoon S. Shin
Unsolicited Credit Ratings: Theory and Empirical Analysis
Hedayeh Samavati
Juita-Elena Yusuf
A Statistical Analysis of Determinants of Robbery of Financial Institutions in Fort Wayne, Indiana
William Wilding
Mohammed Khayum
Changes in Wealth Distribution in the U.S. 1992-1998: Implications for Risk Aversion
Soku Byoun Empirical Analysis of Dynamic Capital Structure: Pecking Order Vs. Trade Off
Munir Quddus Behavioral Economics - A Critical Analysis
Topic Authors Title
Economics Reforms, Economic Progress, and Economic Institutions Georgine Fogel Policies and Socio-Economic Conditions of Private Enterprise Development in Transitionary Economies
Denton Marks Economic Integration as Blessing and Curse: Issues for the Transition Economies
Jackie Brux A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Economic Reform on the Quality of Life in Cuba and Vietnam
Munir Quddus Trust and Economic Progress - Francis Fukutama's Work Re-Examined
John S. Bowdidge Before Studying Its Economy, We Must First Understand Sub-Saharan Africa
Topic Authors Title
Student Learning Pascal Ngoboka
Brian Schultz
The Effect of Class Size on Student Academic Performance in a Principles of Microeconomics Course
Steven Cox
Daniel Friesner
Mohammed Khayum
The Effectiveness of Using Economics to Aid Reading Skills Development: Some Empirical Evidence
Charles F. Harrington
Timothy J. Schibik
Facilitating Student Engagement in the Introductory Business Statistics Course
Alina Zapalska
Sandip Patel
Improving Student Learning Via E-Coursework and WebCT-Based Course Instruction in College Business Education
Maria V. Gamba A User Friendly Approach to Teaching Economics
Samia L. Massoud Ethical and Legal Issues in E-Commerce
Sandip C. Patel Distance Learning Via WebCT

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