University of Southern Indiana

2003 Proceedings

Authors Title
Glenn T. Potts Transparency of Monetary Policy and Equity Market Volatility
Mohammed Khayum
Joy Peluchette
On Entrepreneurs' Risk Attitudes
Soku Byoun
Jong C. Rhim
Tests of the Pecking Order Theory and the Tradeoff Theory of Optimal Capital Structure
Donna Neufelder
Janet Raisor
Mohammed Khayum
Dan Friesner
Using Quality Control Techniques to Measure Performance: A Case Study of a Midwestern Rehabilitation Institute
Choon-Shan Lai A Model of Political Risk Premium
Shyam L. Bhatia The Impact of NAFTA on U.S. Employment: A Partial Equilibrium Approach
Georgine K. Fogel
Sweta C. Saxena
European Integration and the Euro: Fiscal Sustainability and Macroeconomic Stability
Krishnan Ramaya
Mohammed F. Khayum
faye smith
Examining Value Creation in Technology Development Alliances
John S. Bowdidge Russia, the "Independent" Oil Producer
Neil B. Niman
Brian T. Kench
Open Source in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Eric R. Dodge A Circle of Prosperity: Educational Performance and Per-Capita Income in Central Indiana Counties
Peter Cashel-Cordo
Dan Friesner
Sudesh Mujumdar
Livability Changes in Indiana Communities: Something to Flaunt or Fear?
Hedayeh Samavati
David A. Dilts
Desperation and Desperados: Economic Correlates and Bank Robbery in the United States: 1990-2000
Samia Massoud Maximizing the Educational Benefits by Using a Buffet Style of Teaching
Paul Kochanowski
Morteza Shafii-Mousavi
Project Based Learning in an Interdisciplinary Economics and Mathematics Service Course
Timothy J. Schibik
Daniel Friesner
Mohammed Khayum
Fundamentals of Economics Courses: Fun Course or a Positive Learning Experience?
Samia Massoud The Power of Digital Technology: Active Learning Approach

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